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20 Most Profitable Businesses To Start In Kenya

There are so many business Ideas you can go for in Kenya and make profit. Starting your own business is a gateway to financial freedom. In this article we shall look at some of the best and most profitable business ideas that you can tap into and start.

If you’re thinking of starting a business in Kenya, here are some tips to get you started.

-Figure out what kind of business you want to start, and then decide if there’s a market for it.

-Do some research on your competition. See how they’re doing, and how their products or services compare to yours.

-Identify your target customers and find out where they are located—you may need to travel to these locations to sell your product or service. You should also plan on having a website that people can visit from anywhere in the world so that you can reach out to customers outside of Kenya as well.

-Find out what licenses or permits you need from the government in order to operate your business legally. You’ll also need an accounting system so that all of your money is accounted properly and taxes are paid on time.

Most Profitable Businesses To Start In Kenya

Here Is a List of Most Profitable Businesses to start in Kenya

  • Graphic Designing
  • Hardware Store
  • Car Wash Business
  • Beauty Shop
  • Daycare Business
  • Selling Second hand Clothes
  • Furniture Business
  • Garbage Collection
  • Wines & Spirit Business
  • Taxi Business
  • Travel Agency
  • Dry Cleaning Business
  • Poultry farming
  • Event Planning
  • Boda Boda
  • Cake Making
  • Butchery Business
  • Fish Farming
  • Photography
  • M-Pesa Business



Most Profitable Businesses in Kenya

Here is a list of top 20 most profitable businesses you can start in Kenya

  1. Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing is a very profitable business in Kenya. It’s a good business that pays well and does not require much capital.

Graphic Designing is a very profitable business in Kenya. It is a business that can be done from anywhere and it does not require much capital to start. All you need is a laptop, internet connection, and some creativity to get started.

You can start by making flyers for events or businesses, designing logos for people, designing websites for people, designing social media pages for companies and much more.

You can start this business by getting clients on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The only thing you’ll need to start is a computer with internet connection, but if you don’t have access to one then there are apps like Canva and Sketchbook which will help you do graphics without having to use Photoshop or Illustrator.

  1. Hardware Store

Hardware business is one of the greatest business venture you can start. Hardware stores are some of the most profitable businesses in Kenya. This is because they are in such high demand and there are a lot of people who need their services. Hardware stores also have many different products that will appeal to a wide range of customers.

However, this business is capital intensive and therefore you will need to have a good amount to start it.

  1. Car Wash Business

With the Kenyan economy growing rapidly, car wash businesses are a great way to get into the market.

In Kenya, most people have cars and they love to keep them clean. The car wash business is very competitive so it’s important to have a competitive edge over your competitors.

The market is growing rapidly because there are many people who want to start up a car wash business. The advantage of starting up a car wash business is that it requires less capital than other businesses such as restaurants or grocery stores.

Car Wash Businesses can be started in any town or city in Kenya where there are enough customers for you to make a profit from your business.

Car Wash

  1. Beauty Shop

A beauty shop is a great option for those who want to start their own business in Kenya. You can rent a space in an existing salon or build your own and get started right away.

The beauty industry is a huge market, and there are many different kinds of beauty shops you can open. You can offer services such as threading, waxing, and other hair removal treatments; manicures and pedicures; facials; makeup application; tanning; massage therapy; or any combination of these things.

If you are interested in starting your own beauty shop, one thing to consider is how much competition there will be in your area—and how much it will cost to start the business.

  1. Daycare Business

If you’re looking to get your business off the ground in Kenya, a daycare is a great option. This is a thriving business especially in estates.

Daycares are typically run by individuals who have an interest in children and want to help them grow and develop. The owners of these businesses will usually provide the services themselves, but they may also employ other individuals to assist them with various tasks.

In Kenya, daycare is generally seen as a way for parents to continue working while their children are cared for by someone else. This type of service can be beneficial for both parties: parents get some time away from their children so they can focus on work or other responsibilities, while children get quality care from qualified professionals.

  1. Selling Second hand Clothes (Mitumba)

Starting a second-hand clothes business in Kenya is a great way to get started in the fashion industry. In Kenya, there is a high demand for Mitumba clothes. This is because they are associated with low prices while providing quality.

You could start this business by having an online store or by selling them on the streets. You can also sell them at events like carnivals and festivals.

The best part about running your own second-hand clothes business is that you can make good money while helping others get the clothes they need.

  1. Furniture Business

Starting a furniture business in Kenya can be a very profitable venture. There is a high demand for furniture and it is very affordable to start up. Furniture is not an expensive business to start up and it can be done anywhere in Kenya.

There are many different ways that you can get your business started. You can buy used furniture from second hand shops or you can have someone make your furniture for you.

You do not necessarily have to know how to design furniture, but it would be beneficial if you did know how to design them because it could help increase sales and profits.

  1. Garbage Collection

Garbage collection is a great business to start in Kenya because people need it, and there is a demand for it. People will pay for the service of garbage collection and you can make money off of it. You can start this business by doing research on how much people are willing to pay for garbage collection services.

The business can be profitable in Kenya if you have enough money to buy a truck or two and hire workers who will work for you. You will also need a space to store your garbage until it is picked up by another company or individual.

Garbage collection is not easy work but it can be very rewarding if you are good at it.

  1. Wines & Spirit Business

The wine industry has grown exponentially in Kenya over the past few years, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. With rising incomes, more people are able to spend more money on luxuries like alcohol and this is especially true of wine.

This means that now is the perfect time for you to get into the wine business. It’s also important that you know about all of its benefits and licensing fees before you start investing your time and money into your own business.

  1. Taxi Business

The taxi business is another lucrative businesses in Kenya. In fact, it is one of the most profitable businesses to start in Kenya. This is because the demand for taxis services is always high. There are many people who need to travel from one place to another, but they don’t want to drive.

This means that there is always a need for taxi services. If you have a vehicle and some money, then starting this kind of business will be easy for you. You can start with just one vehicle and increase your fleet as you get more customers.

You can also earn extra income when you use your car for personal use during off hours. For example, if your car has been sitting around idle all day long while waiting for clients, why not rent it out at night time instead? It will be much cheaper than paying someone else to do so.

Currently the best way to profit from Taxi business is to join online hailing cab services like bolt, Uber, Wasili and so on. Look for one near you and talk to them.

  1. Travel Agency

A travel agency business is a great way to start your own business in Kenya. The travel and tourism industry is one of the most lucrative industries in Kenya. In fact, the industry contributes about 15% of Kenya’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and employs over 7% of the country’s workforce.

As a travel agent, you will be able to help customers plan their vacations and make sure they have the best time possible on their trips. Kenya is a beautiful country with many opportunities for travelers who want to go on safari or see the wildlife and landscapes of Africa. With a travel agency, you can help people take advantage of these opportunities and create memories that last forever.

The first step when starting a travel agency is to choose an area of focus. Do you want to work with domestic tourism or international? Do you want to focus on safaris or adventure tours? Or do you want to offer more general services like transportation between airports and hotels? Once you’ve decided what kind of clientele you want to attract, it’s time to build your brand.

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  1. Dry Cleaning Business

The dry cleaning industry is a great option for anyone looking to start a business in Kenya. Dry cleaning businesses are fairly easy to set up, they require very little investment, and they have a low operating cost.

To start this business, you need to first know what kind of clothing you will be dealing with. This will help you determine how much space you need for storage and equipment. You also need to determine if there is enough demand for your services in your area or if there are other businesses offering similar services.

Your initial capital will depend on the size of your business as well as its location and infrastructure requirements.

  1. Poultry farming

Poultry farming is the raising of domesticated birds such as chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese for meat or eggs. Keeping poultry can be a very profitable business, especially if you are interested in raising chickens and selling them for meat or eggs.

You will need to make sure that you have enough space for your chickens so that they do not get stressed and fight with one another. You can also start with just a few chickens at first and then increase your flock as you become more experienced at raising them.

  1. Event Planning

Event planning is a field that requires a lot of research and preparation. Event planners must have the ability to think outside the box, as well as the willingness to take charge of a situation and make it work. Event planning can be stressful, but if you enjoy working with people and helping them have fun, this may be the career for you!

Event planners are responsible for making sure that everything goes as planned at an event. This includes setting up tables and chairs, arranging food and beverages, determining what entertainment will be available, making sure there is adequate security and other services like restrooms and parking areas available to guests.

Event planners typically work on weekends or evenings so they can meet with clients during business hours throughout the weekdays. They may also need to travel frequently depending on where their clients are located.

  1. Boda Boda Business

The boda boda business is one of the most popular ways for people to make money in Kenya while remaining self employed, and it’s also one of the easiest to start. You don’t need to have a lot of startup capital, and you don’t need to worry about selling anything. Instead, all you need to do is buy a bikes and helmets, get a stage and apply for the necessary county permits.


  1. Cake Making business

Whether you’re an experienced baker or just starting out, a cake making business has a lot of potential. It’s a great way to make money from your hobby and have fun at the same time! In this article, we’ll talk about how to set up a cake making business, as well as some tips on how to make it successful.

Choosing Your Niche

One of the first things you need to do when starting a cake making business is decide what kind of cakes you want to make. Do people always ask you for your favorite kind of cake? Are there any unique ingredients that would be hard for other people to find locally? These are all questions that should help you decide what type of cakes will be most profitable for your business.

Marketing Your Business

Once you’ve figured out what kind of cakes you want to make, it’s time to start marketing. You can use social media or by word of mouth. It will also be helpful if you can have a physical shop where clients can buy your cakes.

  1. Butchery Business

The butchery business involves selling meat, fish and poultry to customers. You will also be required to cut the meat into smaller pieces before you sell them to your customers. There are several benefits of starting a butchery business in Kenya.

There is always high demand for butchers in Kenya because they offer services that cannot be found elsewhere such as slicing, dicing and cutting different types of meats into smaller pieces so that they can be easily cooked by people who do not have time or skills to do this themselves.

The start-up costs for starting a butchery business are low compared to other businesses like restaurants where there is need for buying equipment which can be expensive depending on what type you need for your business.

  1. Fish Farming

Fish farming is an industry that has been growing steadily in Kenya. The demand for fish has increased due to the increasing population and urbanization. Fish farming has become more profitable compared to other businesses because of its low start-up cost, easy operation and high return on investment.

To start a fish farm business in Kenya, you will need to buy some equipment such as nets and cages for breeding your fish. You can also purchase a tank for storing water and cleaning it regularly. You can also buy feeders or food pellets which are used to feed the fish at regular intervals during their growth period.

  1. Photography

If you’re a photographer, Kenya is a great place to do business. It’s got a lot of potential for growth, and the people are very open to new ideas.

The first thing you’ll want to do is find out where your target audience is going to be. Then, get yourself out there! You can do this by creating an Instagram account and posting pictures of your work, or by setting up a booth at one of the many festivals that happen throughout the year.

The most profitable way to earn from this is to set up a photo studio. You will receive many clients who are always in search of quality photos.

  1. M-Pesa Business

M-Pesa business is so lucrative. By becoming an M-Pesa agent, you will be able to earn a commission on every transaction you make. Considering the high customer demand for M-Pesa services, you can make up to Ksh. 90,000 per month.


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