A Class 2 Boy From Butere Excites Many With His Creativity

A photo of a boy that was shared on social media has caused a lot of excitement following his high level of creativity that caught the attention of many.
The class 2 boy by the name Victor Amoyi from Sirunyire primary school in Butere sub-county seems to be making good use of his time at home during this season schools are closed. He creatively crafted  a mountain bike from two old motorbike tyres and wooden sticks and the model can easily be confused with a real  bike.
Victor Amoyi wooden bike
The boy’s parent could not afford to buy him a mountain bike  as he comes from a humble background but this did not deter the boy from fulfilling his wish to own one though not a real one, but in the best way that he could.
Victor says he made it by himself and he really enjoys moving around with it. He however wishes to own a real one that he can ride on.
Victor creatively tied pieces of wooden sticks to strike the shape of a real bike and tied them to two old tyres. The bike which he pushes to make it move has a right hand side mirror made from a plastic side mirror casing.
The wooden bike can as well support itself on a wooden stand that the brave and creative boy made for the bike.
The photo which was shared by one Fred Wamukobole on Friday 28th August attracted a lot of attention and comments on Facebook.
“A class 2 from Butere invents a motorbike. Where are our leaders to motivate and uplift his talent?” Fred Wamukobole who caught up with the boy shared on his Facebook.
wooden bike
From the comments one person was so impressed by Amoyi’s creativity to a pointthat  she requested if Amoyi could make some for her kids at a fee.
With school calendar pushed to next year following the Covid-19 pandemic, many children have stayed at home with less engaging activities to make them productive or learn. World Health organization has called upon countries to reopen schools. WHO has warned that the long stay at home can negatively affect  children.
WHO has sighted that the long stay will make children to completely forget what they had learned. WHO also warns that the long school closure will have severe effects on their psychological development.
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