Mount Kenya University Diploma Courses

Mount Kenya University (MKU) is a prestigious institution located in Thika, Kenya, renowned for its commitment to providing quality education and promoting academic excellence. As part of its comprehensive range of educational offerings, MKU offers a diverse selection of diploma programs designed to equip students with practical skills and knowledge in various fields.

MKU currently offers over 50 diploma courses. Among the courses include; Diploma in Accounting, Diploma in Business Management, Diploma in Computer Engineering, Diploma in Education, Diploma in Entrepreneurship among others. majority of the courses require one to have attained a minimum grade of C plain in KCSE with a pass in related subjects to undertake a diploma course at Mt. Kenya University.

MKU’s diploma programs cater to the needs of individuals at different stages of their academic and professional journeys. Whether you are a high school graduate exploring career options or a working professional looking to enhance your qualifications, MKU’s diploma programs provide an excellent opportunity to acquire specialized knowledge and practical expertise.

One of the distinguishing features of MKU’s diploma programs is their industry-oriented curriculum. The programs are developed in close consultation with industry experts, ensuring that the content remains relevant and aligned with current industry requirements. By focusing on practical skills and hands-on training, MKU ensures that graduates are well-prepared to meet the demands of the job market.

List Of All Mount Kenya University Diploma Courses

Mount Kenya University Diploma Courses
  1. Diploma in Accounting
  2. Diploma in Analytical Chemistry
  3. Diploma in Animal Health and Production
  4. Diploma in Animation and Motion Studies
  5. Diploma in Applied Biology
  6. Diploma in Banking and Finance
  7. Diploma in Biomedical Laboratory Sciences
  8. Diploma in Business Information Technology
  9. Diploma in Business Management
  10. Diploma in Clinical and Community Nutrition
  11. Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery
  12. Diploma in Community Development and Social Work
  13. Diploma in Community Health and HIV/AIDS Management
  14. Diploma in Community Oral Health
  15. Diploma in Computer Engineering
  16. Diploma in Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies
  17. Diploma in Counseling Psychology
  18. Diploma in Criminology and Security Management
  19. Diploma in Dental Technology
  20. Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Development
  21. Diploma in Education (Arts)
  22. Diploma in Education (Science)
  23. Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  24. Diploma in Entrepreneurship
  25. Diploma in Environmental Health
  26. Diploma in Financial Science
  27. Diploma in Financial Economics
  28. Diploma in Film Production
  29. Diploma in Food Science and Processing Technology
  30. Diploma in Health Records and Information Technology
  31. Diploma in Hospitality Management
  32. Diploma in Human Resource Management
  33. Diploma in Information Science
  34. Diploma in Information Technology
  35. Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication
  36. Diploma in Marketing Management
  37. Diploma in Medical Engineering
  38. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences
  39. Diploma in Micro Finance
  40. Diploma in NGO Management
  41. Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics
  42. Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology
  43. Diploma in Project Management
  44. Diploma in Public Relations and Diplomacy
  45. Diploma in Purchasing and Procurement Management
  46. Diploma in Risk Management and Insurance
  47. Diploma in Science Laboratory Sciences
  48. Diploma in Special Needs Education
  49. Diploma in Teacher Education (DTE)
  50. Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management

Application Process

Application should be accompanied by copies of ID/Passport, relevant academic and professional certificates.

Application fee is as follows:

Ksh.1,000 (Certificates, Diplomas &Undergraduates programmes)
Ksh.2,000 (Post-Graduate programmes) for East African applicants
US Dollars 50 for all non-East African applicants.
Mode of Payment:
Payment to be deposited in either of the following Bank Accounts

Equity Bank, ACC. No- 0090292435067 SWIFT CODE EQBLKENA
KCB Bank, Acc. No – 1121032222
Coop Bank, Acc. No – 01129279981300 SWIFT CODE KCOOKENA
GT Bank, ACC. No- 2014200002
Standard Chartered Bank, ACC. No- 0102049817400 SWIFT CODE SCBLKENX
Family Bank, ACC. No- 005000019336


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