Yvonne Okwara: Give me flowers when am still alive

The month of love is here and Citizen TV sensational News presenter Yvonne Okwara took her time to send a message to the world, and her message is a message of love.
While sharing her past experience Okwara stated that she has learned a big lesson after losing loved ones over the past two years.
“Biggest lesson learned after losing loved ones over the last 2 years. Give them flowers when they are alive.” Yvonne stated.
“Tell them you love them, as in utter the words themselves, “I love you” when you still can, spend time with them, call them often, visit them as often as you can, call them, send them text messages, embrace them and truly and deeply love them.” Yvonne went on her Instagram post.
Yvonne encouraged her fans to share love as having a chance to live is the greatest gift.
“Death is final, but before that, let us truly live….and LOVE!” She concluded.
Yvonne has previously had rough time in her life. Just last year Yvonne disclosed how she underwent spinal surgery that saw her take some time off duty to heal.
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“I have been dealing with two slip discs in my lower spine which have caused excruciating, chronic pain for close to two years now. One day I will write about what it is like living with chronic pain,” she stated.
She added that she put on a brave face at work and while interacting with friends. However, the disease changed her life and mind as it was exhausting and limited her from certain activities.
The citizen TV news anchor who previously worked at KTN has built her profile to become among the top rated news anchors in Kenya.

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