Willis Raburu Speaks On His Biggest Regret After Ugly Divorce With Wife Marya

Many celebrities present their relationship in the public limelight casting perception that everything is right and rosy yet a lot may be going on behind the scene.
Psychologists say that many times, fame has a way of altering how celebrities view personal relationships since their lives are always under a microscope.
Willis Raburu is one good example whose relationship with  wife Marya seemed to have been made in heaven only for the two to break up leaving many in shock.
Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu has admitted that parading his ex-wife Marya Prude on social media on a daily basis is one thing he deeply regrets since the two parted ways.
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For Willis Raburu however, he regrets this majorly because of how the two were trolled after going public and posting on social media.
While speaking to Radio Citizen Presenter Willie M Tuva on Mambo Mseto show, Raburu now says he has since learned to be private and would only talk about their marital challenges in a sit down with his ex-wife.
The anchor-turned-musician said that 2020 has been hard for him, having lost his daughter and wife.
“I love and respect Mary and I don’t blame anyone who spoke bad things about the whole issue because I am the one who exposed my relationship to the world in the beginning. I was the one who used to post her on social media doing this and that,” he told Willy M Tuva in an interview.
“If I chose to be private, (like the way we knew about Nameless child the other day at 13years). But that is not also an excuse for those who spoke ill about it. I have learned to put my life in private.“he said.
Over and over again the presenter has been asked on interviews why he divorced but never really opened up insisting that he will only do it when his ex-wife is sitting next to him the interview.
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“I told myself the only time I will speak about it is when Mary will be next so she can also respond to what I will say.” he added.
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