TV Star Esther Arunga Asks For Forgiveness From Kenyans, Wants To Come Back Home After Serving Jail Term In Australia

Renowned controversial Tv girl, preacher and politician Esther Arunga is now free and ready to come home.
The Sensational 2008 award winning former KTN anchor made headlines when she joined Joseph Hellon’s finger of God ministry and later married musician Quincy Timberlake.
The family did not approve of the marriage which forced Esther to fly out to Dubai and briefly later on moving to Australia where she settled with the husband.

Esther Arunga
Photo of Former TV Presenter Esther Arunga And Timberlake During Happy Moments [PHOTO COURTESY]
Forgive me Kenyans I want to come back home.
Taking to her Twitter handle on Thursday 17th, Esther Arunga has sent out a remorseful tweet asking for forgiveness from Kenyans and asked Kenyans to accept her back. In her statement Arunga Indicated that she had suffered enough and she would wish to have a fresh start
“Kenyans, forgive me. My parole is over & it’s time to come back home. I have suffered enough. No one should ever be ashamed of starting afresh. To everyone who wronged me, i forgive you all. Kindly accept me back.” Esther Arunga Wrote
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In what was seen as true Kenyan spirit, a lot of Kenyans welcomed her and asked her to come home as soon as possible. Their undying love moved Arunga who thanked them.
“Thank you Kenyans for the overwhelming love. I’m humbled. This is unbelievable. She Responded.

Arunga’s Chronicles

In October 2014, Quincy was charged with the murder of their child Sinclair, to which he pleaded not guilty. Esther Timberlake was later charged as an accessory and was released on bail.
As the investigations went on, she gave new evidence that her husband had used the healing techniques on the boy and had pressed his stomach repeatedly and thrown him against a wall causing Sinclair Timberlake’s death.
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later on in 2019, Esther admitted to being an accessory to the murder of her son. She also admitted to lying to the police so as to help her husband get away with the charges.
According to the Australian Associated Press, Crown Prosecutor Danny Boyle told the court that Arunga had called emergency services and told them that her son had fallen down the stairs. An autopsy results later revealed that the cause of death was “as a result of severe blunt force such as punching or stamping or similar”, which was contrary to the report given by the accused.
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The prosecutor found out that Esther had kept up the lie for 26 days and only opened up when her husband was admitted for a mental evaluation.
“I was terrified of being alone and I felt terrible because my husband was sick as well,” she confessed.
Now after serving10 month on parole, Esther is now free and can travel back home.
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