TTCs face closure following orders from the Ministry of Education

Most Teachers Training colleges are likely to face closure following the new directive from the Education Ministry that requires all teachers training colleges to register afresh.
The regulations have been introduced after the phasing out of the P1 course and transition to Diploma in Primary Teacher Education (DPTE) as the minimum qualification to teach in primary schools. The changes are meant to improve the quality of teaching in primary schools in the country.
The new directive means that a majority of teacher training colleges which are likely to fail to comply with the new directive risk being shut down permanently by the ministry.
Data from the education ministry reveals that only 41 TTCs have been authorised to offer the DPTE.
The ministry has therefore ordered that all TTCs be registered afresh to reflect their new status. The move might lock out some private colleges if they are deemed not fit to offer DPTE as they are supposed to comply by the end of February.
In a circular to county directors of education signed by HS Abdi, on behalf of principal secretary Belio Kipsang and seem by the Daily Nation, the new registration is supposed to begin immediately.
“This is therefore to convey to you the approval of the cabinet secretary for the re-registration of colleges and for the exercise to commence forthwith. It is also directed that this exercise be concluded and colleges issued with registration certificates on or before February 28 2021,” the circular reads.
Currently, many teachers who initially graduated with the P1 certificate enroll for DPTE to enhance their chances at career progression.
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The ministry has also put to an end trainings of Diploma teachers and EDCE teachers that used to be conducted in schools.
“It is also directed that all training of teachers for Diploma in Primary Teacher Education and Early Childhood Education will be concluded in registered public/private colleges and not any other venue,” the circular.
The last lot of P1 teachers sat for their PTE exams last year.
The first admission into the Diploma Teacher Training Colleges will take place in May.
Unlike the PTE where teacher trainees took all subjects, in the diploma course, Diploma teachers will specialise in their area of interest and qualifications.
The Ministry of education has emphasized that this implementation will go hand in hand with the implementation of the new Competency Based Curriculum (CBC).
The news comes at a time TSC is carrying on with Teacher promotion exercise. The promotion which Kicked off early this month will see thousands of qualified candidate promoted to various positions. Over 30,000 teachers have lined up for the exercise which is being carried out in 48 centres countrywide.
“Esteemed teachers, TSC wishes all candidates in the ongoing interviews best regards. We frequently advertise for promotion positions to ensure teachers’ upwards mobility. We are proud of you.” TSC stated.
Different from previous promotion exercises where applicants had to travel to the TSC headquarters for the interview process, the exercises is being carried out in school.
TSC stated the promotions are in line with the career progression guidelines for teachers