Tangaza University Certificate Courses

Tangaza University College offers a variety of certificate courses designed to provide individuals with specialized knowledge and skills in specific areas. These certificate programs are typically shorter in duration compared to degree programs, making them ideal for individuals seeking to enhance their professional qualifications or gain expertise in a particular field.

Some of the certificate courses offered by Tangaza University include; Certificate in Social Ministry, Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship, Certificate in Leadership & Management, Certificate in Media Production, Certificate in Sciences of Human Development among others.

The minimum requirement to study a certificate courses at Tangaza University is KCSE Mean Grade D+ or an equivalent qualification from a recognized institution for all certificate courses.

Here are some examples of the certificate courses offered by Tangaza University:

Tangaza University Certificate Courses

Certificate in Sciences of Human Development

Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship

Certificate in Social Ministry

Certificate in Inter religious Dialogue and Islamic Studies

Certificate in Spirituality and Religious Formation Franciscan Studies

Certificate in Catechesis/ Youth Ministry

Certificate in Child & Youth Studies

Certificate in Child Safeguarding & Protection

Certificate in Counseling Psychology

Certificate in Leadership & Management

Certificate in Theology

Certificate in The Practice of Organizational Leadership

Certificate in Media Production

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