Safaricom Ends Free Monthly M-pesa Statements

M-Pesa has planned to put an end to the free monthly M-pesa statement service that customers have been enjoying. For years Safaricom has allowed it’s customers to subscribe to free monthly statement and receive it directly on their email with details of all payment and withdrawal history for the previous months.

However, this is soon to end according to the latest update. In a statement send to Monthly M-Pesa statement subscribers, Safaricom has noted that monthly M-pesa statements will not be available starting 1st June 10, 2022.

However the telco giant has assured users that they can still request for the M-Pesa statement by dialing *334#

“Dear Customer, from 1st June, your email monthly M-Pesa statement will be available only on request. Dial *334# >My  account to get your free stamped statement” The statement read.

For months now, new subscribers to the monthly Statement have failed to receive free monthly statements. Safaricom had not issued a direct statement on the reason for this move and many hopes they will do so.

This comes in the wake of  a push to have Safaricom enhance data privacy for Mpesa users which has see a rise in fraudulent cases. Many have urged that Mpesa Messages and statement reveals a lot of personal information among then Name and phone number of the users which has in many ways ended up in wrong hands and used by advertisers to send promotional messages to M-pesa clients.

The teloc had planned on system upgrade that would only see part of the phone number and name revealed during M-Pesa transaction. However, Safaricom has postponed this rollout.

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