Required Documents During P1 Teacher Recruitment

During Teacher recruitment as a P1 teacher, a number of documents are required to be presented before the employment panel for the process to be complete. The Teachers Service Commission TSC requires that all qualified candidates should have full documentation during the recruitment process.
Missing any of the documents is one big reason your application will be rejected. TSC scoresheet requires that apart from the PTE certificate, candidates seeking P1 employment vacancies should present documents such as ID, Secondary school certificates and their leaving certificates, Primary school certificate and the leaving certificates, College transcripts among others.
Below is a full list of documents required by a P1 during recruitment.

Required Documents During P1 Teacher Recruitment
  1. TSC registration Number
  2. PTE Certificate
  3. College transcripts
  4. KCSE Certificate
  5. Secondary school leaving certificate
  6. KCPE Certificate
  7. Primary School Leaving Certificate
  8. National Council of Persons With Disability (NCPWD) Card where applicable
  9. Sworn Affidavit where names on various documents differ.

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