Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Caught lying On His 2020 Prophesy

It is said prophesy from a man of God is a direct message to God’s people through his servant. But believers often find themselves between a hard place and a rock when those believed to be entrusted with the message lie openly.
Many have used the name of God for their own selfish gain and yet they still command a huge following with their distorted message.
In this era of the last day many prophets have emerged and believers have a hard task of distinguishing between true prophets and false one.
The South African based Prophet Shepherd Bushiri of Enlightened Church Gathering (ECG) has been caught lying on prophecy he made for the year 2020.
During one of his televised sermons in December 2019, Bushiri prophesied that the year 2020 will be a great year starting from January throughout to December 2020. But all that has turned out to be a complete lie.
In a brief video of one of his sermon that has widely been shared online, Bushiri is heard declaring how the year will be starting from January to the December of 2020.

Self declared prophet Bushiri
The self declared Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has caused more controversies over his 2020 prophesy that turned totally opposite | Photo Courtesy

“I was in January 2020, Lord began to show me something there. I moved to February, March, April, May, June, July, I went to August, September, October, November, December 2020, I looked into the whole year, its gonna be a great, great, great year,” reads the transcript of the prophecy video.
In reality the situation is different and South Africa where the Prophet comes from is one of the hard hit Country in the world with the highest number of Coronavirus deaths in Africa.
More people are living in misery in the days the man of God said God had shown him they will be great months.
Schools have closed with little progress of work across the global coupled with bombing, hailstorms, landslides in some parts of the world.
The Malawian born man of ‘God’ who is based in South Africa is not new to controversies. On many occasions his miracles have been questionable and allegation of using occult forces behind his miracles have not left him.
The flamboyant prophet always demands special treatment whenever he visits various places.
This rises questions whether we are reading too much on Bushiri’s prophesy or the context of his Prophesy is different.
However one distinct feature will always stand out when it comes to the gospel. A gospel where man is more glorified that Jesus Christ, it will always be a false religion and gospel.
Here is a video in which Prophet Bushiri made the prophesy.

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