Man found dead in a lodging after a night out with two women

An incident in Maura has left residents in shock after a middle aged  man was found dead in a lodging amid spending a night out with two women.
Police are probing the incident and according to police report from Maua, the man had the previous night spent his evening at a popular local joint in the company of two women.
He is then reported to have proceeded to the lodging in the company of the two women.
Upon visiting the scene on Tuesday morning, the man’s body was found on the bed naked.
Used condoms were also retrieved from the room in a dustbin but the two ladies were nowhere to be seen.
His body has been moved to the Nyambene Funeral home pending an autopsy that will aid the ongoing probe.
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Cases of men dying as a result of marathon sexual intercourse have been on the rise with elderly men being more affected.
A week ago, an elderly man from Ntimaru Kuria East subcounty died after the date he had hoped for with lover failed to materialize as he had planned.
The 59 year old elderly man had taken s*x enhancement pills and checked in at a local lodging with a young woman after taking beverage and bread with the young lady.
However, the anticipated marathon turned to disappointment after the woman turned down the man on grounds that she was menstruating.
Things turned south as the old man had already taken Viagra so that he could rise to the occasion resulting to his death.
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