Leaked Azzaid Nasenya’s Charge Rates leaves many In Shock

  • Azzaid Nasenya caught many talking online on Tuesday 22nd after her influencer rate card shared on social media went viral.

The TikTok lady rose to fame after her Utawezana Challenge went viral and many fell in love with her prowess in unique dance moves. The song was done by Femi one alongside Meja.
On Tuesday, a rate card purported to have come from Azzaid Nasenya went viral after it was leaked to the online community. The card indicates that Azzaid charges as high as Sh.100,000 to promote sponsored content on her social media pages. Azzaid has in the shortest time gained a large following on TikTok,Twitter, Facebook and Instagram thus becoming one of the best target for brands who want their products and services to reach a wider audience.
With her pages active everyday, the sponsored content targeting young people of between 18 years to 35 years can effectively reach a large audience.

Charge Rates

According to the rate card seen, Azzaid has various charges on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
On Tiktok, a brand will have to part with Sh.100,000 for a video advert and Sh. 50,000 for a live advert.
To get your brand on Azzaid’s Instagram page, one will have to part with Sh.100,000 for Instagram feed advert, Sh. 50,000 for Instagram story and Sh.5,000 for Instagram live ad.
On her Twitter handle which has over 125,000 followers, brands will have to part with Sh. 50,000 before she can place adverts on her Twitter page.
Azzaid is also active  on Facebook and brands can as well capitalize on this by pay paying Sh.100,000 per posts, Sh.50,000 for placement and Sh.30,000 for mentions.
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It is this amount that left many wondering how expensive her charges were. However, experts justifies her charges. Experts in the industry says having a huge following is not just enough but having influence amongest your peers sets you a part. considering how Azzaid Nasenya has branded herself over a short period of time, she attracts many brands thus her charges are justified.

Concert Nyumbani
Azzaid Nasenya (Centre) with cast members on Concert Nyumbani Show. Photo Courtesy

In the recent days Azzaid has appeared on various media station and recently she landed a major role to host Concert Nyumbani which is being aired on several stations in the country.
The 19 year old secured a spot on the cast of Selena, one of the country’s most-watched TV shows. Expectedly, her rate card represents the impressive reach she has thanks to her brand.

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