Here are tips to easily market your small business in Kenya

Marketing your business and putting your product or service in front of clients has now been made much easier thanks to the latest online marketing tools. If you are looking forward to propel your business to the next level, we shall share some of the tips you can use that are best suited for the Kenyan market.
I have seen many businesses that are still struggling in this time of technological advancement to penetrate through the market. To be precise, many businesses more so startups do not get it right when it comes to marketing their brands and this affects their visibility in the already crowded business environment.
While social media has been at the centre stage as the main tool most people and businesses rely on to gain clients, many find social media unreliable and time consuming tool businesses can use to market their businesses. One big area that social media fails, is targeting the right audience.
Jumping on every trending story with a hashtag captioned with your product or service you are offering has never been the right way of penetrating the sales market. Although you might win one or two customers through this form of marketing, it is not the best form of marketing strategy and sooner or later you will tire.
The biggest shortcoming of social media is that you will end up targeting the wrong audience and this will barely yield results. With social media you can be more sure of reaching a more relevant audience only if you promote your pages by paying for the ads. Facebook ads and Twitter ads can be a great way to gain customers. Only then will social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter show targeted ads to audiences that have interests in a certain products or services based on their search history.
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Marketing tips for small businesses

So, which are some of the best marketing strategies one can apply to get to a bigger audience and gain more customers

 Promote your pages

If your marketing platform is purely social media, it is worth spending some coins to promote your pages. Although it might be expensive depending on the amount of traffic, region and the time you wish to promote your pages, promoted pages tend to gain more attention and drive more clients to your business.

Guest posting.

Guest posting is one of the best ways to generate traffic to your business. With so many blogs in Kenya that write useful content, you can write a detailed piece of article that is geared towards promoting your business, you can then contact bloggers who run sites that contain information related to your field and request to publish your article on their blogs. This way, you can include links to your business site or social media platforms so that readers who are interested in your products or services can find you.
While you will be promoting your business, the owner of the blog will benefit by getting content published on his site free of charge. Articles mostly centered towards reviews tend to gain a lot of traffic.

Get your own business website

Do you have a website for your business? Getting your own website is one great way to generate a lot of traffic to your business. An eCommerce website ensures you can reach as many customers as possible. Further you can create a blog section on your eCommerce website that can be used to share and publish useful information that is relevant to your clients. By doing so, you will end up driving a lot of traffic to your eCommerce website with a lot of ease.

Consider Google Ads

Google ads is a great way to drive a lot of customers to your business. However, before venturing into this type of marketing, your business will need to have a website. You can easily sign up for a website by a click of a button to give your business an online presence.
With Google ads, the ads network is able to perfectly target relevant customers and this has shown to work well.
Both small and large businesses heavily rely on this form of marketing to create campaigns and drive clients to their businesses. Once you have your business site ready, create a Google Ads account and connect it with your website, depending on your budget, you will be able to advertise your business and draw clients to your business instantly.

Pay for Display Advertising

This again goes back to leveraging on the power of websites and blogs available in the country that can offer you space to advertise your business. By creating a small ad that can be inserted in blog posts, each visitor to the website will see your advert. This is a great way to create awareness about your business, create contacts and get an enormous number of clients. At a small fee, your ad will be displayed on every post on a website at your desired location for the entire time you have agreed.
Here at Daily Press Kenya we have been able to promote various businesses through display advertising and the results have been breathtaking. At a small fee we can help your business reach out to our over 100,000 monthly visitors and you will be able to see the results from day one. Just contact us to get our advertising rates.


It is time both small and medium businesses should rethink on how they can gain more clients and increase their conversions. Using the above methods will be one reliable way to concentrate on what you know best – Giving great services and products while someone else directs customers to your business. Reliance on traditional marketing strategies will only mean you are driving your energy and resources in the wrong direction. In the long run, your business will start struggling. Available marketing solutions discussed above can help you maximize your potential and increase your sales.

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