Harsh Punishment  For Teachers Who Fail To Report Back To School On Monday

TSC ordered teachers to report back to school by Monday of 28th September.  Following the announcement, the Teachers service commission has outlined punitive measures for teachers who will fail to report back to their working station on Monday 28th September.

According to a report published by the People Daily, teachers who fail to report back to their working station will face dire consequences for missing the deadline.

This is in accordance with the circular that begun on Monday September 21st

Sub-County Directors of Education (SDEs) warned teachers that missing today’s deadline amounts to absconding work which is a punishable offense.

“Teachers will not be allowed to ask for a day off, they must all report today and on subsequent days for the tasks directed by the Ministry of Education to run smoothly,” read a memo in part.

Teachers were threatened with removal from payroll from absconding duties through various means such as strikes and demonstrations as well.

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Last week the Teachers Service Commission asked all teachers and tutors to report back to school by today. This was to facilitated and prepare for official school reopening as students are expected to reopen soon. It is still unclear when students will reopen with previous reports indicating that schools may reopen as late as 19th August.

Parents across the country remain divided on whether this is the right time to reopen schools. With many countries who reopened schools forced to shut them again after some weeks, some parents have dared not to take their children to school until the Covid-19 curve is completely flattened.

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In the recent past, Kenya has seen Covid-19 cases fall. However, this has largely been attributed to low testing capacity by the Ministry of health.

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