Digitization of Police Operations in Kenya

The Cabinet Secretary of internal security Doctor Fred Matiang’i said that the sudden disappearance of files would end with the digitization. For instance, all police officers will receive training in the next 15 months. In the same way, many government agencies are digital, and the police service had no option but to apply the same.All is to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in the police service.
“Today, the actual digital migration in the police begin in earnest. And we are going to all migrate.  With this move, most of the files that disappear in the police stations will be gone case. All police officers will receive training within the next 18 months. So that we can serve Kenya in a digital environment.” speaking during the launch on 4th August 2020 at Buruburu Police Station in Nairobi.”
Besides, he said that the issue of the file would be a bye-gone case since the movement is from analog to digital operation. Also, the so called wazee slug nunua chai will disappear with the move. Furthermore, he said that they are rolling it out before December with the cabinet secretary of ICT Joe Mucheru.
In his speech, the CS of interior Fred Matiang’i added that as good citizens of Kenya, we should fight the corruption vice entirely. Likewise, he said that they have a scheduled meeting to deal with the instant file before December.
Starting with the OB (occurrence book), this is the first part to digitize. Any  payment will be through the Mpesa in which citizens receive an OB number thereafter. He said that promotion should be based on the performance, not the so-called whom do you know.
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In cooperation of Database

“We are bringing the databases together, including those from the NTSA. And those who fiddle around with the registration of the motor vehicle will be charged under the terrorism law.”
He warned those who deal with fake registration. Because it leads to the rise of the crime rate in the country. Fred Matiang’i mentioned that the attack that happens in the Dussit2 was as a result of the registration. The Director of Public prosecution Noordin Haji welcomes the move from the ministry of internal security.

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