Capital City Beirut in Lebanon Faces Massive Explosion

Tens of people have died, and thousands of them left injured after a massive explosion in Beirut in Lebanon. All this is after the blast that caused injuries to people who were walking across the city.
By the time we were writing this story over 78 people had been confirmed dead with over 4000 seriously injured
The blast was intense that those in Cyprus heard it. That is around 125miles away from Beirut.
It is said that the explosion occurred in one of the warehouses where explosives are stored. Mushroom smoke was seen across Beirut city as a result of fire damaging the premises around. The buildings that were around the port have been flattened, wrecking them. Homes have been damaged, including the house of Lebanon’s PM Hassan Diab.

Beirut Explosion
Moment of Shock to Beirut Residents. Photo Source | Twitter

Consequently, his wife and daughter were wounded in the blast. The security service of the Lebanon government reveals that the fire broke out where the deportation of highly explosive material is done.
Furthermore, it is said that Sodium Nitrate was among the explosives. The materials are said to have been taken from a ship and stored there a few months back. The Lebanese Red Cross was on the run to save those who can be reached. Also, they were receiving a lot of calls from different people about more casualties still at the blast scene.
The number of dead people from the scene stands a ten. Effort to find out more who have been buried in the leveled buildings is ongoing. The data was according to the Lebanese security team and the medical sources.
President Micheal Auon of the Lebanese, announced a two weeks state of emergency and condemned the culprits. He also added that harsh punishment will be taken to those responsible.
“This is a national catastrophe, and those responsible will pay the price,” Prime Minister Hassan Diab said.
The UK has intervened and said that they are willing to provide Lebanese with any support, as noted by British Prime Minister Boris Jones. He also said that the scenes that are in the videos are shocking.
The US Embassy is aware of the toxic gases that have been emitted during the explosion and warned its citizens to stay indoors. The explosion was massive and is compared to one of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The attacks that killed around 225,000 people. Besides, more people are believed to have stuck in the damaged buildings and homes.

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