A Popular Kakamega Preacher pulls down his 3 houses and relocates after daughter – 21- yrs is impregnated by a neighbor

A Kakamega preacher from Eninja Village in Lurambi Constituency, Kakamega County shocked his neighbours on Friday, August 21, when he brought down three of his houses to protest against his daughter’s relationship with a neighbor.
The 45 year old Geoffrey Mushila preacher cam businessman said he could not withstand living with the son -in- law to be in the same village terming it as a big shame.
Mushila who is a prominent business man in the area runs several businesses in the area among them several posho mills, a retail shop and several tuk tuks says he was angered by the man’s decision to elope with his daughter prompting him to take the action.

Photo of a house belonging to Geoffrey Mushila
Geoffrey Mushila, 45, From Lurambi brought down his three houses on Friday, August 21, saying he couldn’t share a neighborhood with his “son-in-law”. [PHOTO | COURTESY]
“I have decided to bring down my houses because I am angered by that man’s decision to elope with my daughter. ” said Mushila.
“I own several businesses here, which include posho mills, a retail shop and several tuk tuks. I was committed to taking good care of my family. My daughter, however, got pregnant and when I inquired who was responsible for the pregnancy, she said it was a neighbour’s son. I was disappointed.”
The 28 year old man Zablon Mandela who is responsible for her pregnancy said he was ready to marry his daughter.
Mushila further stated that the man is well known to him as he is an electrician who did wiring in his house.
“The man knows me well. He is an electrician, who did the wiring in my house. He accessed my bedroom, saw my bed, saw my wife’s underwear, he stepped on my bed while doing his job. How do you expect such a person to respect me as his father-in-law?” posed Mushila,
“I recently met him walking around in a vest. Surely, a father-in-law should not be seeing his son-in-law dressed in such a manner publicly? He should be displaying his chest and biceps to my daughter, not me. I must relocate so that he and I do not meet casually on a daily basis,” angered Muchila stated.
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His neighbors in Eninja Village in Lurambi Constituency, Kakamega are worried a lot as they highly depended on his businesses for livelihood. They said should Mushila live Lurambi they will be left vulnerable, given they depended on his posho mill, shop and taxi businesses to go about their daily lives.
On the other hand, Zablon Mandela’s parents have approved their son’s relationship with Mushila’s daughter and said they have welcomed the 21 year old Irene Adema into their family.
“She is a good girl, and we have welcomed her home,” said Henry Mulanda and Hellen Iminza, who are Zablon Mandela’s parents.
As to where he was relocating to, Mushila says he do not know but as long as he is out of the village, he will be at peace.

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