10 Best Property Management Software For Kenyan landlords

Maybe you’re a landlord who’s been managing your properties the old-fashioned way for years. You don’t really know what else is out there, and you’ve been pretty happy with your methods so far.

But maybe things are getting a little too much for you to handle. Maybe you’re overwhelmed with paperwork, or maybe you’re just tired of having to deal with tenants’ complaints and issues. Maybe you’d like to have some help in keeping track of everything—and making sure that your tenants are happy and comfortable in their living spaces.

If this sounds familiar, it might be time to consider property management software. Property management software can help landlords streamline their business operations, manage their properties more efficiently, and keep up with their responsibilities as landlords.

Most property management softaware will help you automate tasks such us

– Manage tenants and their payments

– Track rent receipts and late payments

– Keep records of maintenance requests and repairs

– Create reports and analyze your spending

In Kenya there are a number of Property Management Software For landlords you can use. Some of the leading players include Eazzyrent, Easy Estate Rental Management System From Future Soft, Robi Search Rental House Management System, Rent Rahisi and many more.

Best Property Management Software For Kenyan landlords

  1. EazzyRent

EazzyRent is the property management software for landlords. It’s a simple, easy-to-use system that allows you to manage your rental properties from anywhere in the world.

With EazzyRent, you can:

-Keep track of your rental income and expenses with simple accounting tools

-Manage your tenant relationships from one place, including accepting rent payments, sending notices and reminders, and collecting late fees

-Customize the application to fit your needs with the ability to add custom fields to any screen


This software comes with features such us:

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Branch Offices
  • Core Property Management Platform
  • Accounting
  • Payroll
  • Document Management
  • Tenant & Landlord Portal
  • E-Payments Mpesa/Bank integrations
  • Real Time Disbursements
  • Bulk Sms & Email
  • Debt Control
  • Marketing
  1. Easy Estate Rental Management System From Future Soft

The Easy Estate Rental Management System from Future Soft is ideal for property managers, landlords, and real estate agencies. It helps you manage your rental properties with ease.

The software allows you to:

– Create a database of tenants with their contact details and credit score information

– Keep track of rent payments and remind your tenants to pay on time

– Manage maintenance requests and assign them to the right person or contractor

– Generate reports with useful data such as tenant payments, lease expiry dates, expenses incurred by each tenant, etc.


  • Contract And Transaction Management
  • Management of Bio Data
  • Manage documentation
  • Invoice genration and Payment tracking
  • Email and Sms Communication features
  • Intergration with other third party softwares
  1. Robi Search Rental House Management System

Robi Search Rental House Management System

Robi Search Rental House Management System is a powerful tool for landlords and property managers. It helps you:

– Easily manage your rental properties

– Track rent receipts and payments

– Manage tenants’ documents, such as leases and maintenance requests

– Track maintenance requests and repairs, including those that have been completed

– Keep track of important tenant details, such as contact info and an emergency contact list

– Schedule inspections for each unit before tenants move in or out, so that you can make sure everything meets your standards

  1. Rent Manager

Rent Manager is a property management software designed for landlords and property managers. It helps you streamline the rental process, manage your properties, and stay in contact with tenants.

The software can be used to track rental applications, oversee maintenance requests from tenants, and gather tenant feedback via surveys. You can also use Rent Manager to generate monthly statements for your tenants and create lease agreements.

Rent Manager offers an intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate through the site and find the information you need quickly and easily. Users of the platform can add new properties by entering their address or uploading photos of the property’s exterior. They then enter information about their unit such as its location, size, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, etc. before adding any additional details like pet policies or parking availability (if applicable).

Once this information has been entered into the system you’ll be able to generate rent statements automatically based on tenant billing cycles or manually if necessary; this allows you to send out bills at regular intervals or whenever necessary depending on your situation

  1. Pro Hapa Property Management System

Pro Hapa Property Management System is a comprehensive and easy-to-use software for managing your property. It helps you keep track of all the details involved in managing a rental property, including rental income and expenses, tenant complaints, maintenance issues, and more.

Pro Hapa Property Management System features include:

– Tenant information management: Create tenant profiles with photos and custom fields to track their credit history, employment history, rental history, and more.

– Rental property management: Track rents paid by tenants and how much they owe you. Generate rent reports based on payment history, age of account, amount owed or paid in any period of time.

– Maintenance requests: Create maintenance requests for plumbing issues or broken appliances to be resolved by contractors as quickly as possible before they become costly damages or liabilities to your property.

– Payments tracking module: Monitor payments made by tenants through Pro Hapa’s payment tracking module so you always know when rent payments are due and whether or not they’ve been paid on time!

  1. Rent Rahisi

Rent Rahisi is a property management software for landlords. It makes it easy to manage your properties, collect rent and maintain your tenants.

Rent Rahisi has an intuitive interface that lets you manage all the information about your properties and tenants in one place. It’s easy to set up, so you can get started straight away.

With Rent Rahisi, you can:

– Manage all your properties in one place

– Collect rent online and in person

– Create tenant profiles with photos and descriptions of their pets, if any

– See all your invoices, such as legal fees and maintenance costs

Other Great Features of Rent Rahisi include;

  • Automated Equity, Co-op & MPESA Collection
  • Bulk Invoice SMS
  • Automated Accounting – Highligitng paid and unpaid invoices
  • Generate Reports of payments
  • Agents can share collection records easily with the landlord
  • Maintains Digital Records

Other International great property management software you can use include;

  1. Buildium

For landlords, a property management software should help you streamline your business and make it easier to manage your properties. It should also allow you to connect with tenants and communicate clearly about necessary repairs, maintenance, and other issues.

Buildium helps landlords do all that and more. With Buildium, you can manage your rental properties from one place, so you don’t have to waste time shuffling between tools and trying to remember what you did last week—or even last month! You’ll be able to keep an eye on everything at once: tenant turnover rates, rent collection rates, maintenance issues, vacancy rates… pretty much anything that has an impact on your bottom line.

Buildium is built specifically for landlords like you who want a simple way to manage their portfolio—and it works with any type of property: apartments, houses, townhouses… whatever!

  1. AppFolio

AppFolio is the right property management software for landlords.

If you are a landlord, chances are you’ve had trouble finding the right property management software to use for your rental properties. AppFolio is designed specifically for landlords and has everything you need to effectively manage your properties from start to finish.

AppFolio will help you keep track of all your rental properties, tenants, leases, maintenance issues and more. The AppFolio app allows you to access your records anywhere you go! Whether it’s on the go or at home, AppFolio makes it easy to stay organized and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

You can even send emails directly from AppFolio so if there’s an issue with one of your units or tenants, they’ll get an email right away letting them know what’s going on and when they should expect repairs to be completed (if necessary).

AppFolio also allows you to keep track of important documents such as leases and other important information about each tenant in one place so no matter what happens when someone moves out or moves in—you’ll have all the information at hand!

  1. MRI Real Estate Software

MRI is web-based property management software, so you don’t have to worry about installing software or updates—you can just log in from anywhere. You can also use there mobile app to access your property management dashboard while you’re out and about.

There software was designed specifically for landlords, so it’s simple enough that you’ll be able to use it right away, but powerful enough that you’ll never feel like you’re missing anything. MRI Real Estate Software platform includes all the features you need: tenant screening, maintenance requests, lease management and rent collection, property listings…the list goes on!

They even offer an optional add-on package for those who want additional features such as property valuation reports or tenant screening reports.

So if you’re looking for a way to get organized and take back control of your business without spending hours every week trying to figure out how everything works together under one roof , look no further than MRI Real Estate Software!

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  1. RentPost

RentPost is a property management software that helps landlords manage their rental properties. The software helps them manage their rental portfolio, including tenant relations, rent collection and maintenance.

The RentPost system is highly customizable, allowing landlords to choose the features that work best for them. It includes features like tenant screening, which allows landlords to conduct thorough background checks on potential tenants before they rent out their properties.

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