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How To Turn Off Video Autoplay On Twitter Facebook and Instagram

Video autoplay is a common feature on both Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The feature is also available in other social media platform. The autoplay feature makes videos play automatically thus consuming internet data. The autoplay feature can easily be stopped through the settings option.
In this article we shall see how you can turn off and on the autoplay option across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and helps you save on data usage

How to turn off video Autoplay On Twitter

To turn off automatic video play on twitter
Step 1: Log in to your twitter account
Step 2: Click on the “More Option”
Step 3: Select and Click on “ Accessibility, Display, and language” option
how to stop autoplay on twitter
Step 4: Click on “Data Usage” Option
how to turn off Autoplay
Step 5: Click on “Autoplay” Option
Step 6: Select whether videos and GIFs should play automatically on your device by selecting “ On Cellular or Wi-Fi or decline by selecting “Never”
how to turn off autoplay
This feature enables you to Limit how Twitter use some of your network data. This settings affect all the twitter accounts on the browser you are using.
Apart from the “Never autoplay “ option, you can also select the Data saver option under Data Usage to limit the amount of network data you will use whenever you visit your twitter account.

How To Turn off Autoplay on Facebook

To turn off Autoplay videos on Facebook
Step 1: Log in to your Facebook Account
Step 2: On the top right hand side of your account Click on the drop down arrow of your account to display more options.
Step 3: Click on “Settings and Privacy”
Step 4: Look for the video listing on the left hand menu. In the same menu look for video Autoplay option and turn it off
how to turn off autoplay in Facebook

How to Turn Off Instagram Autoplay

Intagram App does not allow for autoplay videos to be turned off. The good thing is that videos do not autoplay if you use Instagram on your browser.
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