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Tips To Reduce Fuel Consumption For Your Car

It is no secret that car fuel is becoming more and more expensive each months and with the current trend, car fuel will be one of the most un affordable commodity in the region and the world.
Best practices with your car can help you save a lot when it comes to the amount of fuel your vehicle consumes. While many people ignore this best practices, following some of these simple tips can greatly save on your cost of fuel and you will be able to drive for long on less car fuel.
Here are some of the tips motorists can apply to save on the fuel consumption of their vehicles when driving.

Tips To Reduce Fuel Consumption For Your Car

  1. Follow the Fuel Rule

Not all fuels are the same. Your fuel economy can be improved through using the right fuel, so shop around and ensure that you choose one of high quality fuel. Make sure that you fuel your car in petrol stations that have a reputation. Low quality fuels is the number one cause for high fuel consumption by your car.

  1. Always Maintain your car

A well maintained car has more efficient moving parts and therefore mot much engine power is needed to keep the car in motion while driving. It’s particularly important to make sure that your car tyres are inflated to the correct pressure as indicated in your owner’s manual as underinflated and overinflated tyres both adversely affect fuel economy. Tyre pressures will vary depending on the load you are carrying.

  1. Only use your car when necessary

By the virtue of you being a car owner does not mean all your movement must be at the comfort of your seatbelt. Short distances can easily be covered on foot.
One of the best ways to save on fuel costs is to stop using your car so much! Explore other options like public transport, carpooling, walking or riding a bike. This is one of the best ways to reduce on the gas emissions as well.

  1. Close your windows if possible

This sounds strange right? It isn’t. According to aerodynamic experts, the more aerodynamic your vehicle is, the better its mileage will be.
Keeping your car windows down while driving increases your vehicle’s drag and wind resistance. It’s typically fine to drive with the windows down if you’re doing less than 35 mph.
However, it would be best to leave the windows up at higher speeds to reduce drag and enhance fuel consumption.

  1. Reduce the use of air Conditioner

Did you know using AC in your car affects your fuel consumption? According to car experts, using a vehicle’s air conditioning system consumes more fuel than when the AC is off. Of course, there will be occasions when the heat and humidity force you to turn on the air conditioner.
Learn to use the air conditioning on a low setting if you have to pick between keeping your windows rolled down and using the AC at high speeds.

  1. Always be alert while driving

Be alert and attentive when you’re driving. Always remember to slow down early to let traffic lights change, rather than stopping completely, or speed up a little before you reach the foot of a hill. Leave a sensible distance between yourself and the car ahead to give you ample time to brake evenly.
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