Wish to travel to Dubai? This is the Cost of Dubai Visa in Kenya

Dubai is one of the biggest tourist destination in the world, this Middle East is country is also a business hub. Many Kenyans aspire to travel to Dubai either for vacation or for business purposes. Some are seeking for lucrative jobs in Dubai. But have you ever asked yourself this question, what is the cost of Dubai Visa in Kenya?
In this article we take a look at the amount you will need to get a Dubai visa as a Kenyan.
There are three major steps in applying for a visa. First you need to know the type of visa you are applying for, the second step is the application and the final step is waiting for your application to be processed after submitting your application.
It is worth noting that visa application process in Kenya can be done online through the embassy website and submitted in Parkfield building 5th floor opposite Safaricom house in Westlands Nairobi.
The visa application process can be strenuous but this  depends on the type of visa and the duration of your stay. The visa takes fourteen days to be accepted or denied depending on whether your have qualified for it or not.

How to Apply for Dubai Visa

To apply for the Dudai visa, visit the nearest visa application centre to apply for their visa to United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Alternatively the applicants can click here to submit their visa application form and upload their documents online. The Visa application payment can then be made at the nearest Visa Application Centre. This option can be used only if the applicant has a confirmed ticket on Emirates Airlines. Applicants should ensure all original documents are taken to the visa application centre for verification purposes.

Requirements to note
  1. Ensure coloured photos are as per specifications Size 4.3 cms x 5.5 cms preferably white background
  2. Attach all supporting documents required as per checklist. Make sure your application is complete. Incomplete applications are not accepted.
Cost of Dubai Visa in Kenya

The standard cost for of a tourist Visa is ksh.9780, with a ninety-six-hour Visa going for around ksh.8000, a fourteen-day Visa costs ksh.10000 with a ninety-day visa costing around Ksh.20000.
Depending on your Visa type, here are the charges for Dubai Visa in Kenya;

  1. Tourist Visa – Ksh 9980
  2. Express Tourist Visa – Ksh.  12290
  3. Express 48 hours Visa – Ksh. 3485
  4. Express 96 hours Visa – Ksh. 6405
  5. 48 hours Visa – Ksh. 1175
  6. 96 hours Visa – Ksh. 4095
  7. 90 Days Visa – Ksh. 20465
  8. 90 Days Multi Entry Long Term Visa – Ksh. 49570
  9. 30 Days Multi Entry Short Term Visa – Ksh. 19715
  10. Cancellation Charge – Ksh.3210

After making your application for your visa to UAE, you should wait for your application to be processed, you can track the status of your application here. Should you encounter any challenge, you can always reach out to National Call Centre at :+254 788 437606

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