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Where to find rabbit meat market in Kenya

Most people keep rabbits at home to serve as a pet. They forget that rabbits are also animals and they can give us meat. Rabbits Breeders Association of Kenya (RABAK) saw the importance of rabbit meat, therefore, it has encouraged farmers to add value to the rabbit meat products. This created a demand for rabbit meat and now you can easily get rabbit meat market in Kenya.

The main aim of RABAK is to increase rabbit meat demand by educating people on nutrition value we get from rabbit meat. This association has been there since 2009 when it got registered. The following are areas established by RABAK for rabbit meat market:

  1. Star hotels in Nairobi

Rabbit meat is a white meat with low cholesterol level. Those who know more about heath prefer eating rabbit meat to beef. The high demand of rabbit meat with healthy nutritional benefits, it has led to some hotels in Kenya to include rabbit meat in their menu. Nairobi is a place with different people and of different living standards.

Some hotels in Nairobi are serving the rabbit meat as a dish .For those who may want white meat like chicken and is not available can as well supplement with rabbit meat. Those who have accessed rabbit meat have described it as high delicacies. Rabbit being used as meat has improved the market for farmers rearing rabbits.

  1. Machakos County

Since the demand of rabbit meat is growing due to its nutritional value, people have got inspiration on it. Machakos has residents from different parts of the country. Therefore, most restaurants are including rabbit meat in the meals they prepare in the favor of people who do not eat the red meat.

In Machakos County, it is easy to get rabbit meat because most farmers are keeping many rabbits in the area. It might be expensive meal since one kilogram cost five hundred shillings, but it is suitable for individuals under medication like blood pressure and cancer patients.
In addition, rabbit meat contains minerals and does not contain any fats. Since it lacks fats, it is recommended to be careful when cooking. The more the rabbit meat being highly ranked, the more the farmers are profiting for selling the rabbits to consumers.

  1. Food processing companies

Rabbit meat is used in several companies to make either sausages or burgers. Food processing companies are in the most parts of the country. Many people can get to access the market of rabbit meat because sausages are eaten in large quantity.
When the business men and women sells the sausages near the bus stop, institutions and where pedestrians are at high number, you will be lucky since it is ninety percentage to be sold.

This type of meat cannot be sold if it has no importance to the customers.
Most people have learned the goodness of feeding on rabbit meat thus needs it more on their daily meals. Even those who does not know more about how healthy it is to use rabbit meat is, they tend to eat food made from rabbit for enjoyment and leisure. For example, special dog food is most likable by teenagers while having fun. Food processing companies have created market for rabbit meat at large. It has also promoted farmers since they always make orders from rabbit breeders.

  1. Rabbit slaughterhouse and local butcheries in Kenya

For those customers who cannot afford to be in hotels due to unavoidable circumstances can as well get the rabbit meat from those butcheries. They can buy rabbit meat depending on the amount of money they have. This can be a bit cheaper for those who cannot afford buy one kilogram at five hundred shillings at once.

Rabbit Breeders Association of Kenya (RABAK) found in Thika has identified members from Kiambu, Nyeri, Mombasa, Nakuru and many other counties. This is to promote rabbit farming and increase rabbit meat production which help in developing markets for rabbit meat in Kenya. The association also have found tenders in several supermarkets thus, they supply meat as well.
The association is also looking forward to train people on the nutritional value from rabbit meat. Apart from containing protein, it also rich in vitamins, calcium and potassium. It also have low cholesterol compared to any other white meat. It is advisable to have this meat for individual benefits especially due to life style diseases. The high demand of rabbit will also expand its market just like other common meat from different animals.

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