What is Jumia Express and What Is its Advantage?

If you are reading this post then it means you really like shopping on Jumia. But have you ever asked yourself this one question. What is Jumia Express and what are the advantages of Jumia Express?
Jumia Express is a value added service by Jumia- an African leading online shopping store that ensures fast and cost effective shipping to various destinations. The Jumia express services is also used to fight counterfeit and substandard product on the platform thus ensuring clients are supplied with genuine and original products.
Jumia Express items are stored in Jumia’s warehouse, which ensures very fast delivery, no out of stock cancellations, and highest standards of quality storage. Jumia Express items are delivered with the same shipping charges as the other products, and does not require any subscription. Choosing Jumia express items ensures you get premium services without extra charges!
Now that you know, next time you shop on Jumia make sure to look out for the Jumia Express symbol before placing your order.

Jumia Express Advantegest to Online Shoopers
  1. Faster delivery of orders
  2. Quality and genuine products are delivered to you
  3. Cost effective with no extra charges on online shoppers
Advantages of Jumia Express to Jumia Vendors
  1. Helps you reduce your costs

There are no additional charges for the Jumia express services due to competitive storage costs guaranteed in their warehouses thus ensuring that you save on operational charges such as personnel, packaging and processing charges. Processing fees for Jumia Express only apply to final delivered orders

  1. Increase your Visibility

This gives an advantage to Jumia business partners as your products will gain more visibility. Jumia Express products are flagged with the “Jumia Express” Badge and feature at the top of the listings for each category.

  1. It gives you an opportunity to Grow your sales

All items are carefully packed by Jumia and supported by their quality after-sales service – doubling your customers’ satisfaction and willingness to buy

  1. Helps one to build customer trust and online reputation

With the assurance of high-quality products whenever you shop with the Jumia express, customer trust on products is build and this builds a positive online reputation.

  1. Give you access to flexible services

The option of choosing the online stock you can put on Jumia express is an opportunity to increase your sales, get paid faster and reduce the number of returned items or complaints from your customers. This helps you focus more on increasing you sales
There is no secrete that bot Jumia customers and Jumia business partners have a lot to benefit from the Jumia Express services.
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