[VIDEO] Governor Obado’s Daughter Flashes Middle Finger, Kenyans React

There was drama during the arrest of Migori Governor Okoth Obado as a young lady believed to be Obado’s daughter flashed her middle finger to on lookers in the full glare of cameras.
The action resulted in a sharp reaction by Kenyans with many condemning her action.
The embattled Migori governor and his four children were arrested on Wednesday at the EACC offices in Kisii and transferred to Nairobi where they were arraigned on graft charges.
It was after being grilled at the EACC in Kisii, and as they were being led to a vehicle for transportation to Nairobi, that one of Obado’s daughter flashed her middle finger.
The video that captures her action was shared widely on social on twitter as a majority of Kenyans condemned the action and a few taking their turn to joke about the incident.
Among his three daughters, it was not possible to specifically point out who made the gesture between Susan Okoth, Evelyn Okoth or Adhiambo.

However photos on social On Instagram under the account of Susan as that goes by @Okothsr points out the possibility of Susan being the at the centre of the gesture.
In one of her post, Susan celebrated her father and lauded him of being a heroic father.
“Appreciating the men who made us who we are, picked us up no matter how many times we fell down. Who fought to ensure we got all we needed. Those who are our strongest supporters and biggest critics. The strength and resilience combined with the softest of hearts. To all those men who saw our disappointments even before we knew what they were. I salute you all.” She wrote.
Following the incident, Here are some of the comments posted by Kenyans who were angered by the gesture.
“This is an Obado. She behaves like a Sonko in those days. She’s arrogant and shows Migori people “middle finger”. “There is nothing you can do, we stole, we shall beibe and get freed”. Kenyans should learn lessons.” Abuga Makori Tweeted.
“Shes soo immature, ama hyo pesa ya umma ndio imempea kiburi?” wrote Marao Joeh
“The LOOTING is the injury and the MIDDLE FINGER is the insult to the good people of Migori County…” Amonde Wrote
Obado and his four children were arrested following an order by the DPP over graft allegations in Migori County Office.
n audit trail revealed that Sh34, 524, 000 was used to purchase a house in Loresho Ridge whose beneficial owner is Evelyn Adhiambo Okoth.
Achola Dan Okoth allegedly received Sh11.3 million, Susan Scarlet Akoth Sh1.9 million and Jerry Zachary Okoth Sh2.3 million.
Obado and his children on Thursday denied 28 counts related to misappropriation of funds belonging to the county and were remanded until August 31, when the bail ruling will be delivered.
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