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University Of Kabianga Undergraduate Programs

The University of Kabianga offers a wide array of undergraduate programs designed to provide students with a strong foundation in their chosen fields of study. With a focus on academic excellence, practical skills development, and holistic education, the university offers undergraduate programs that cater to diverse interests and career aspirations.

To pursue a undergraduate degree course at University of Kabianga you must  have a minimum KCSE Mean grade of C+ (Plus). Some of the programs offered by the university include; Bachelor of Business Management, Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science, Bachelor of Tourism Management among others.

Whether students are pursuing a career in business, science, humanities, or technology, the University of Kabianga provides a nurturing environment for intellectual growth and personal development.

Here is an introduction to the undergraduate programs available at the University of Kabianga:

University Of Kabianga Undergraduate Programs
  1. Bachelor of Arts (Economics)
  2. Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration
  3. Bachelor of Business Management
  4. Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Primary Education)
  5. Bachelor of Education (Guidance and Counselling)
  6. Bachelor of Education Arts
  7. Bachelor of Education Science
  8. Bachelor of Environmental Studies
  9. Bachelor of Hotel and Hospitality Management
  10. Bachelor of Nursing (Upgrading)
  11. Bachelor of Science (Applied Statistics with Computing)
  12. Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science
  13. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics and Resource Management
  14. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Extension Education
  15. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
  16. Bachelor of Science in Agroforestry and Rural Development
  17. Bachelor of Science in Applied Statistics with Computing
  18. Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry
  19. Bachelor of Science in Clinical Medicine
  20. Bachelor of Science in Communication & Public Relations
  21. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  22. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health
  23. Bachelor of Science in Forestry
  24. Bachelor of Science in Horticulture
  25. Bachelor of Science in Information Science & Knowledge Management
  26. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Botany, Physics, Zoology and Chemistry
  27. Bachelor of Science in Microbiology
  28. Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  29. Bachelor of Science, Human Resource Management
  30. Bachelor of Tourism Management
  31. Laboratory Safety and Management Course


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