TSC Recruitment Online Application Process | Step By Step

TSC recruitment online application process. TSC has announced massive vacancies for both primary and secondary school posts. The vacancies include 4000 posts for employment in secondary schools and 1000 posts in primary schools. The Teachers service Commission has also announced vacancies for replacement in both primary and secondary schools. Of the available replacement vacancies, 1100 are in secondary schools while 5474 vacancies for primary.
As if that is not enough, TSC also announced 1000 vacancies for promotion of teachers from primary schools.
However, the massive vacancies to be filled comes with a new application process. Unlike in previous cases where TSC applicants had to submit their applications to the sub county education offices, the new guidelines requires applicants for both posts to submit their application online.

Application Requirements

Before you can be able to make your application make sure you have the following

  1. Your academic documents
  2. Your TSC number

Online Application Process

There are two methods by which one can apply. One can either apply through the teachers online portal or the TSC official website. To apply;

  1. Tog into the Teachers online portal or TSC website
  2. Select the appropriate category under which your application falls. Recruitment of Additional/Replacement of Teachers for September 2020 for recruitment and replacement or Active Promotion Adverts for Teachers for promotion
  3. Enter your TSC Number, ID number and phone number to log into the portal
  4. Click on “Edit My Details”
  5. Enter your information including  your Qualifications, Graduation year, points, Counties and state whether you trained under Special Needs Education SNE or not.
  6. Once done proceed to “Apply” to make your application.

That’s it. Once you have submitted your application to the commission, your application will be reviewed and your accumulative points will be decided according to the Commission’s recruitment formula. Short listed candidates will then be contacted and invited for interview.
Before making the online application, make sure you meet the minimum requirements for the respective post as stipulated in TSC advert.
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