Top 10 Internet Service Providers In Kenya

Kenya continues to see the growth of internet penetration in the country. This has resulted to the growth of internet service providers across the country. This list continues to grow as more and more ISP continues to enter the Kenyan internet market.

If you are looking for the best internet Service provider today, there are more choices on the market than it used to be some years back. Safaricom, Jamii Telecommunication, Telkom and Zuku have for long held the grip of the top preferred internet service providers in the country. But did you know that there are over 20 internet service providers in the country?

You may have never heard about this and I understand why. You see some of these ISPs only serve a small region unlike Safaricom, Jamii and Telkom Kenya which have a national presence.

When looking for the best internet service provider, it is important to consider factors such as speed, reliability, price and even customer care services. You don’t want internet that will take ages to load a single page and getting their customer care services is an anthill task.

Internet Speed

Personally, I have used both Safaricom and Jamii and I can state their services are great. Currently am subscribed to the Jamii Telecommunication home internet and I can’t complain much about their service.

Top 10 Internet Service Providers In Keny

Below is a list of Top 10 best Internet service providers in Kenya;

  1. Safaricom:

Kenya’s largest telecommunications company, offering a wide range of services including mobile internet, fixed broadband, and home fiber.  Safaricom has a wide coverage of their fibre broadband and they have a presence in all major towns in Kenya. They also have connected their internet to homes and their fibre home internet is reliable. Safaricom home internet starts from 8Mbps at Ksh.2,999 and their highest Fibre home package is 100 Mbps that goes for ksh.12,499 per month.

Areas where there is no fibre cable can still access unlimited Safaricom internet through services like Safaricom Lite internet.

  1. Jamii Telecommunications Limited (JTL)

Jamii Telecommunication is another top rated telecommunications company that provides fixed wireless broadband services using WiMAX technology. They have fiber internet across the country and their services are great. Currently am subscribed to the JTL 30 Mbps speed monthly package an am loving their service. Their lowest Fibre home package is 30Mbps for Ksh.5,250 per month and their highest package is 125 Mbps that goes for Ksh.21,000

  1. Zuku Internet

Zuku is a subsidiary of Wananchi Group, provides triple play services (Television, Internet and Telephone) via Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) technology. The Zuku Internet covers major Kenyan towns and relies on satellite transmission.  The lowest Zuku internet package starts from 10Mbps at ksh.2,799 and the highest is 60Mbps that goes for Ksh.5,999

  1. Telkom Kenya

Telkom Kenya is a state-owned telecommunications company that offers a variety of services including fixed-line, mobile, and internet services. The company offers unlimited internet that is available to its clients in most parts of the country.

Telkom Kenya offers three unlimited internet packages that starts from Ksh.4000 with the highest going for Ksh.6000 per month. Most Telkom Kenya internet packages are capped meaning you will experience low internet speed once you exhaust your quota.

  1. Liquid Telecom

Liquid Telcom also known us Liquid Intelligent is a pan-African telecommunications company that provides broadband internet and other services to businesses and wholesale customers. Liquid VSAT can connect you “Business Speed” to the Internet at up to 50Mbps anywhere in Africa.

  1. Access Kenya Group

This is a leading internet service provider in Kenya, offering broadband, leased lines, and other data services. The company provides corporate internet solutions, residential broadband connection and managed services. For inquiries on pricing, you can contact them via +254 20 375 0200 or through email,

  1. Kenya Data Networks (KDN)

Kenya Data Networks is another well-known telecommunications company that provides broadband internet and other data services to businesses and wholesale customers.

  1. Poa Internet

Poa Internet offers low-cost internet solution in Kenya from as low us ksh.1500. Poa Internet customers also get unlimited access to 10,000+ poa! hotspots for free when they’re on the move. The company charges a one-time connection fee of 3,500 shillings.

  1. Elink Networks

Elink networks offer unlimited home internet connection from 7mbps to 15mbps. It charges Kshs. 2500 per month for 7mbps, 4,000 for 11mbps and Kshs 6,500 for 15mbps.

  1. Skynet Broadband

Skynet Broadband offers high-speed internet service through VSAT, Fiber, WiMax & HFC connections with 100% coverage throughout Kenya. They offer up to 60 Mbps quality speeds on VSAT with pricing for different packages starting at 6,800/=. Installations currently accomplished under 48 hours of ordering.

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