Qualifications To Become A Junior Secondary Teacher In Kenya

Following the launch of Junior secondary this January, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has announced opportunities for trained teachers to apply for vacant positions to teach in Junior Secondary Schools. The good news is that these vacancies are open for teachers in primary schools who meet the qualification.

With the Junior secondary already in its fast term, TSC has already announced for teaching vacancies in the Junior secondary schools. Those who qualify will be deployed from primary schools to secondary schools.

Qualifications To Become A Junior Secondary Teacher in Kenya

The first qualification to apply for teaching vacancy in Junior secondary school is that one must be serving as a primary school teacher under TSC. Only teachers serving under Permanent and Pensionable in public primary schools who meet requisite qualifications are encouraged to apply. This locks out those teachers who are seeking for employment by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) for the first time.

However not every serving primary school teacher qualifies for the Junior Secondary position. TSC will only welcome application from teachers who scored at least a mean grade C+(Plus) in their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) or its equivalent with a mean grade of C+ and above in two teaching subjects in KCSE.

The applicants are also required to have at least 8 units in each of the two teaching subjects.

Below is a summary of TSC requirements for employment in Junior Secondary School

  1. One must be serving under TSC under Permanent and Pensionable terms in a public school
  2. One must have scored a minimum grade of C+(Plus) in KCSE or its equivalent
  3. One must have scored at least a C+ (Plus) and above in two teaching subjects
  4. One must have at least 8 units in each of the two teaching subjects

Currently the open vacancies are open for all primary school teachers who qualify. The application deadline is on 6th February 2023. All applications must be done online through the official TSC job application web portal. You can use this link to submit your application.

What benefits Comes With being A Junior Secondary School Teacher?

Of course there are a number of benefits that teachers who will get this positions stand to benefit. First your job group as a Junior secondary school teach will change from the previous one you held as a primary school teacher. You also stand to earn allowances and other benefits that falls under your job category.

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