MP Arrested Over Over Nakuru Town Chaos

Business came to a standstill in Nakuru town as Matatu operators protested the move by the county government to relocate them from the CBD.
Following the order, the Matatu operators thronged the roads in protests lighting bonfires and barricaded the roads.
Police responded by dispersing them and this saw a running battle ensue for the better part of Monday in Nakuru. The Matatu operators hurled stones to the police of which the police responded by lobbying teargas canisters and even using live bullets.
The intervention by Nakuru East MP David Gikaria led to his arrest while the MP tried to show his solidarity with the protestors.
Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya confirmed the arrest was linked to the chaos.
The MP was taken to Nakuru Central Police Station and he is due to face charges.
The matatu operators protested the move to relocate them from CBD siting the deplorable conditions in the three termini where they were redistributed.
This is the third time the operators are holding demonstrations to protest the move to lock them out of the CBD.
Following the Protest, Nakuru governor released a statement calling for calm as the issue is being addressed.
“The County Government of Nakuru has good intentions whose full implementation will lead to an expanded modern and vibrant town,” read the statement.
He said the county government was procuring a contractor to start the building of a modern transport centre that will include all amenities.
“We are aware of plans by a section of public transport operators to demonstrate in Nakuru town over the relocation of stages outside the CBD,” he said.
Kinyanjui said the decision to be hurried and uncalled for.
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