Meet President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Look Alike

Michael Njogo Gitonga turned an overnight celebrity thanks to his resemblance to president Uhuru Kenyatta. The two look alike and can easily be confused as twin brothers.
When his photos hit the interwebs, a few weeks back, Kenyans with their knickers in knots assumed they were looking at President Uhuru’s throwback photos.
The father of three who lives in Umoja says on many occasions people stop him to get a photo or have a hand shake as he is easily confused with the ‘people’s president’.

Michael Njogo
Michael Njogo’s resemblance to Uhuru Kenyatta has made him to be Nick-Named ‘Uhunye’ | Photo Credit: Citizen TV

Njogo says he has had a hard time explaining to people he is not the president. It is even much harder for him as people severally ask for handouts from him.
“People around Umoja know me as Uhuru or better yet Uhunye. Sometimes, I am also surprised at how much me and the president look-alike.
“Sometimes, I meet people who tell me that they have not had anything to eat and being ‘Uhunye’, I have to give them some money. In fact, that name has really made me suffer,” Njogo told Inooro FM.
Of whether he has any relationship with the commander in chief, Njogo says as far as he knows he is not related to the president, but her reveals that his mother used to work in Gatundu as a security guard long time ago.
Njogo whose mother died sometimes back says he wishes to meet president Kenyatta one day.
He says his if he meets the president he will ask him if they are brothers.
Njogo who is a mason by profession has been out of a job as his bar business was closed down after the pandemic struck.
“I was okay financially but when the pandemic struck, so many things changed. I even had to move from my previous house and into a small one,” he stated.
Njogo has appeared on several media stations granting them interviews. Among the media houses Njogo has appeared include Inooro FM and K24 television.
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