List of Best 5 Star Hotels in Mombasa Kenya

Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya after the capital, Nairobi. It  is located in Mombasa county, which is a prime tourism region off the coast of Kenya. Every year, international and local tourists flock the county to sample the rich coastal culture and wildlife. The county has from time to time witnessed arrival of cruise ships that bring hundreds of tourists, docking at the port of Mombasa. Where do all these tourists get their accommodation services? Stick around for an answer to that.
There is a huge demand for  accommodation services in Mombasa. For this reason,  the city has seen development of world class accommodation facilities. There are a wide range of hotels of different classes. Some of them offer basic accommodation services while others are 5 star hotels that provide high quality accommodation services. If you feel no pain digging deeper into your pocket, these 5 star hotels in Mombasa are worth your money. We are going to see in this article a sample list of some of these 5 star hotels in Mombasa.

What makes a hotel to be rated 5 star?

If accommodation to you only means a place to sleep and nothing else, then there are many hotels in Mombasa that offer such basic services. On the other hand, 5 star hotels in Mombasa are big and offer a wide range of high quality and luxury services apart from just accommodations. What makes them different is:

  • Higher number of staff to guest ratio
  • 24 hour room service and reception
  • Staff that communicate in multiple languages
  • Prime location for example close proximity to sandy beaches and golf clubs
  • Availability of social amenities such as swimming pools, bars and spa
  • Availability of conferencing and wedding event facilities

Star rating of hotels however differ from country to country. A five star hotel in Kenya for example might not be accorded the same rating elsewhere and vice versa.

List of best  5 star hotels in Mombasa

1. Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort and Spa

Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort and spa is a popular 5 star hotel in Mombasa. It has a long beachfront in Bamburi beach. Its close proximity to the beach is an added advantage as it attracts more guests.
It was first established in 1930s as a home and then turned into beach cottages. It was later in 1976 upgraded as a hotel with 70 rooms. It is today however among the most luxurious 5 star hotels in Mombasa with 340 rooms.
Apart from it’s nearness to the beach it also has:

  • Conferencing and convention facilities
  • Wedding hosting facilities
  • 5 swimming pools
  • Beachfront spa
  • Spectacular ocean view
2. Nyali Sun Africa Beach Hotel and Spa

This is a 5 star hotel in Mombasa that was opened in 1946 to guests. It is located in Nyali sub-county in Mombasa county. It neighbours Nyali Golf Club,  which gives it an edge over its peers in the hospitality industry.
If you book a room here, you will enjoy spectacular views of the Indian ocean as you relax. Beachfront grill, several bars, Olympic size swimming pool and spa are extra amenities that guests also spend their time while they relax.

3. Hotel English Point and Spa

Hotel English Point is one of the best 5 star hotels in Mombasa. It is built with a touch of ultra modern architecture. It is situated close to Mombasa old town where guests have a clear view of historical sites like Fort Jesus and the old Mombasa harbour.
If you like water sporting and scuba diving then this is definitely the perfect hotel for you. It is rare to find 5 star hotels in Mombasa that offer such services but this is one of a kind.
Apart from water sporting facilities, English point hotel also has:

  • Rooftop restaurant
  • 3 bedroom apartments
  • Wedding event facilities
  • Conference facilities
  • Spacious underground car park
  • Swimming pool and spa
4. Severin Sea Lodge

This is a 5 star hotel in Mombasa that was opened in 1972. It has traditional African architectural style incorporated in its buildings. Round bungalows and hand woven furniture is what gives it that unique African look.
Within its vicinity are two swimming pools, a beautiful palm garden and Bamburi beach. Severin Sea Lodge is also capable of hosting conferences and weddings.
Its rooms and suites are classified into: Standard bungalow, Superior room, Comfort bungalow, Deluxe room, Junior suite and suite.

5. Pride Inn Flamingo Beach Resort and Spa

If you want a 5 star hotel in Mombasa that is not too far from the city’s international airport then Pride Inn Flamingo Beach Resort is for you. A drive to Moi International Airport takes only about 45 minutes. It also has major shopping malls located within its vicinity.
This super hotel is located along Mombasa-Malindi highway. It has a total of 136 rooms that are very spacious. If you want to go swimming, it has a big swimming pool that can accommodate both adults and children. You can also choose to step just outside and go soak yourself up in the beach.

It has a kid’s club where children can have fun. They can indulge themselves in fun activities such as: magic shows, talent search and hula hoops.

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