List Of All programs Offered By Tangaza University

Tangaza University College offers a diverse range of programs at various academic levels, including certificates, diplomas, bachelor’s degrees, and postgraduate degrees. These programs cover a wide range of disciplines and are designed to provide students with a comprehensive education that combines academic excellence with a holistic approach.

Tangaza University’s programs are characterized by their commitment to academic excellence, holistic education, and values-driven learning. The university emphasizes critical thinking, ethical reasoning, cultural sensitivity, and social responsibility in all its programs. Through a combination of rigorous academic training, practical skills development, and engagement with the community, Tangaza University prepares students to make a positive impact in their professions and society at large.

Here are the main program categories offered by Tangaza University:

1. Humanities and Social Sciences: Tangaza University offers programs in humanities and social sciences, including fields such as theology, philosophy, social work, counseling, international relations, and communication studies. These programs equip students with critical thinking skills, ethical reasoning, and a deep understanding of human behavior, society, and culture.

2. Education: Tangaza University’s education programs are designed to prepare students for careers in teaching and educational leadership. The programs cover various aspects of education, including pedagogical knowledge, curriculum development, classroom management, and educational psychology. Students can specialize in areas such as primary education, secondary education, special education, or educational administration.

3. Business and Management: Tangaza University provides programs in business and management, equipping students with essential skills for leadership roles in various industries. These programs cover areas such as business administration, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, human resources, and project management. Students gain a solid understanding of business principles, strategic thinking, and effective management practices.

4. Theology and Religious Studies: Tangaza University is well-known for its theological programs, which provide a deep understanding of theology, biblical studies, church history, pastoral ministry, and spirituality. These programs prepare students for careers in ministry, religious education, pastoral counseling, and theological research. Students engage in critical theological reflection and spiritual formation.

5. Information Technology and Computer Science: Tangaza University offers programs in information technology and computer science to meet the growing demand for skilled IT professionals. These programs cover areas such as programming, database management, network administration, cybersecurity, software development, and data analytics. Students gain hands-on experience and practical skills in the rapidly evolving field of technology.

6. Community Development and Social Justice: Tangaza University’s programs in community development and social justice focus on equipping students with the knowledge and skills to address social issues, promote sustainable development, and advocate for social justice. These programs cover areas such as community development, social work, human rights, social policy, and social research.

List Of All programs Offered By Tangaza University

Tangaza University Bachelors Courses

Bachelor of Education (Arts & Sciences)

Bachelor of Arts in Counseling Psychology

Bachelor of Arts in Youth Ministry

Bachelor of Arts in Leadership & Management

Baccalaureate in Sacred Theology

Civil Degree of Bachelor of Theology

Tangaza University Diploma Courses

Diploma in Civic and Development Education

Diploma in Cloud and Data Science

Diploma in Sciences of Human Development

Diploma in Social Entrepreneurship

Diploma in Social Communication

Diploma in Child & Youth Studies

Diploma in Counseling Psychology

Diploma in Youth Ministries

Diploma in Theology

Diploma in Education Arts & Sciences

Diploma in Leadership and Resource Management

Diploma in Procurement & Supply Chain Management

Diploma in Business Administration

Diploma in Early Childhood Development Education

Tangaza University Certificate Courses

Certificate in Sciences of Human Development

Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship

Certificate in Social Ministry

Certificate in Inter religious Dialogue and Islamic Studies

Certificate in Spirituality and Religious Formation Franciscan Studies

Certificate in Catechesis/ Youth Ministry

Certificate in Child & Youth Studies

Certificate in Child Safeguarding & Protection

Certificate in Counseling Psychology

Certificate in Leadership & Management

Certificate in Theology

Certificate in The Practice of Organizational Leadership

Certificate in Media Production


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Tangaza University Bachelors Degree Courses

Tangaza University Diploma Courses

Tangaza University Certificate Courses

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