Latest revelation shows how Daddy Owen was tricked by estranged wife

Ever since rumours of Daddy Owen’s broken marriage went public, a lot has been unearthed with the latest revelation showing that he might have been tricked by his estranged wife sometimes back resulting to his depression.
According to a source that spoke to one of the Kenyan popular blog Mpasho, Daddy Owen and his wife Farida started living separately in November last years.
The source who is a family relative that requested for anonymity revealed that Daddy Owen has been depressed for 3 years now and currently is leaving in fear and keeps on changing sleeping places and cars.

Photo of Daddy Owena and Wife Farida Wamboi
File Photo of Gospel artist Daddy Owen and wife Farida Wambui

“As we speak, Daddy Owen fears for his life, he is in hiding. He changes cars and doesn’t sleep at the same place often.” The source revealed
“For three years now, Daddy Owen has been depressed and it all started when he was called by a family member who works in a posh hotel in Naivasha. The relative told him, he has just seen his wife get engaged to a rich tycoon and he was wondering what’s up?” the source stated
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On if Daddy Owen was aware of his wife’s whereabouts, the source revealed that Daddy Owen knew his wife was on a business trip and had no idea what the relative was talking about.
“He knew his wife was away on a business trip and had no idea what that relative was talking about. He traveled to Naivasha where he tracked down the couple and found out that the man who was engaged his wife is a hotelier in Gilgil.”
Farida Wambui is reported to be avoiding calls and could not be reached to shed more light.

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