KNUT Suffers A Big Loss In CBA Fight

Attempts by Kenya National Union of Teachers ( KNUT) secretary to compel TSC yield to KNUT demands have failed to yield fruits after speaker Muturi rejected KNUT’s proposals.
The teachers union Knut had asked parliament through the Education Committee meeting held on 11th August to compel TSC to implement the third and fourth CBA benefits to teachers not withstanding union affiliations with immediate effect. KNUT had also asked that the commission immediately reverts to the membership register as it was in June 2019 and resume strict deductions of union dues.
In addition, the committee resolved that the parties immediately cease hostilities, agree on all matters in court and record consents of withdrawals.
Following the meeting which was also attended by TSC officials as well, Knut through its secretary Wilson Sossion wrote to the TSC to implement the resolutions.
However in his ruling following the education parliamentary meeting, Speaker Muturi rejected Sossion’s demands noting that the union illegally obtained deliberations the Education committee meeting to try to arm-twist the Teachers Service Committee (TSC) to implement some of its resolutions.
This is after TSC wrote to the parliament complaining that Knut wanted the commission to implement resolutions by the committee on issues that were active in court. Nation has reported
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In his ruling Mr Muturi noted that Knut obtained contents of the committee deliberations in a blatant and clear breach of the Standing Orders and the provisions of sections 13 and 25 of the Parliamentary Powers and Privileges Act.
Speaker Muturi also accused Knut for wearing double hats stating it was a gross misconduct.
“It is gross misconduct and out of order to wear the hat of a trade unionist or a workers’ representative and at the same time purport to also wear the hat of a Member of Parliament, in the same sitting of a Committee or the House,”  Muturi Stated.

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