Kiambu County Offers ECDE Teachers Permanent Jobs

Kiambu county has become the first county to upgrade the terms of service of ECDE teachers by offering them Permanent and pensionable teaching Jobs.
ECDE teachers who are usually employed on contractual basis appears to be winning after Kiambu governor Dr. James Nyoro issued over 1200 employment letters to early Childhood and Development and Education teachers (ECDE).
Dr. Nyoro also emphasized that the teachers played an important role in building strong foundations in children. He further promising to provide conducive working environment, as plans to improve infrastructure were underway.
“This foundation ended up being vital to the children as they progressed to the upper classes and it is important that the teachers were recognized by the government,” he stated.
Dr. Nyoro promised an extra allocation 2021/2022 financial year to renovate and build ECDE’s units in the county.
The governor urged the teachers to register their ECDE Corporative Sacco after which he would disburse Ksh 1 million in support of the venture.
ECDE teacher around the country have been pushing for permanent and pensionable employment opportunities by the teachers service commission . They have challenged the commission not to discriminate them as they fall under the teaching staff just like their peers in primary section.
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Governor Nyoro criticized the Building Bridges Initiative for neglecting ECDE teachers as the document is silent on their affairs.
ECDE teachers across the country are employed by county governments on contract basis and on average they receive a monthly of around Ksh.10,000.
This makes ECDE teachers among the lowest paid workers in Kenya earning below the minimum wage.

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