Daddy Owen: I Was Poisoned But I Survived

Gospel singer Daddy Owen has been hitting the news headline ever since his relationship with estranged wife Farida Wambui came out.
In his admission, Daddy Owen went public and stated how he has been battling with depression for the last three years.
Appearing on Grace Musalame Show Unscripted with Grace over the weekend, Daddy Owen went ahead and revealed how he was poisoned sometimes back.
While he never explained events that led to him being poisoned, Daddy Owen narrated the hard times he has been through and some of the life threatening situations he has undergone.
Grace wanted to know what happened to his eye and it was at this point that the Vanity hit maker explained his journey to salvation.
“I was beaten up by a mob and that’s how I ended up losing one eye. It has always remained a permanent mark on my body that reminds me where I have come from. You see, I have gone through a lot in life. I was beaten by a mob, I was poisoned but I survived so depression is a little problem to me” He stated
Daddy Owen has been adamant to point out the exact cause that resulted in him slipping into depression three years ago.
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However, according to a source that sought anonymity, the gospel singer was taken aback when a he was informed that his wife was engaged to someone else three years ago.
“For three years now, Daddy Owen has been depressed and it all started when he was called by a family member who works in a posh hotel in Naivasha. The relative told him, he has just seen his wife get engaged to a rich tycoon and he was wondering what’s up?” the source stated
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“He knew his wife was away on a business trip and had no idea what that relative was talking about. He traveled to Naivasha where he tracked down the couple and found out that the man who was engaged his wife is a hotelier in Gilgil.”
Daddy Owen has since stated that he is doing well and he will soon be releasing another hit song. He however maintains that marriage is a covenant and thus the reason he is still wearing his marriage ring.

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