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Business Ideas with High Returns in Kenya that Anyone can Try

Setting up and starting your own business is one step in the right direction. It all starts with an Idea and there are several business ideas with high returns one can venture in and expect good returns.
The growth in various sectors in Kenya such as transport, technology, agriculture, manufacturing and hospitality have presented huge opportunities that one can tap in and launch a business with high returns. Besides from the above sectors, I identifying your passions and interests can help you launch a career and be your own boss.
While many are looking for employment opportunities day and night, some are taking advantage of the scarce employment opportunities to create their own source of income by starting their own businesses. Currently a large percentage of startups in Kenya are set up by self-driven individuals who journey the path of providing a solution in a particular field.

Business Ideas with High Returns in Kenya that Anyone can Try

Below are some of business ideas you can start in Kenya and expect high returns.

  1. Car Wash Business

Car wash business is a lucrative business venture today that you can invest in and expect high returns. The influx of vehicles on the Kenyan roads has opened up this business opportunity that anyone can tap into.
The best location to set up a car wash business is close to a market centre or along a busy highway. This is the ideal place car owners can easily access and drive in for your services. A car wash located near a restaurant or an eating joint is ideal as well.
To get started with a car wash business, you will need to set up your car wash station, have necessary tools and equipment such as steady water supply, water pumps or generator, washing brushes and detergents for the work. You will also need to have someone to help you with the work.
Depending on the number of clients you will be receiving, you will have to add more staff as the demand for your services grows. For a start you can have a team of two to three people to get started.
On average car wash charges an average of between Ksh.200 to Ksh.300 per small vehicle and the amount can be upto Ksh.1000 depending on the size of the vehicle.

  1. Photography Business

Am sure you must have fallen in love with the quality of studio photos and if you have not, then you have so many people around you love this trend. Photography profession has highly evolved from back in the days when photographers would move around homes looking for clients to take photos to the current world where so many people flock photo studios to have quality pictures of them taken.
The photo industry is also moving away from the normal print photos to digital photos that can easily be stored and shared in our portable gadgets. Photo studio are charging between ksh.50 to Ksh.100 for a high quality digital photo.
All you need to start this type of business is a quality camera and photo studio at a market centre near you. You can easily market and get tons of clients by sharing your work on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

  1. Quality Mitumba Clothes Business

Nothing beats top cream Mitumba clothes thanks to their quality. Currently customers are willing to pay any amount as long as they get the best of out of their clothings. To get it right in this business you will need a reliable supplier for the top cream and grade one Mitumba bales such as Best Mitumba Bales.
You will also need to identify a strategic location to set up your business and kick off your business. Mitumba business is one of the business with high returns and most business people have testified how they are making a killing from the business.
Online social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp ad twitter presents the best platforms you can share about your products and let your customers how they can find you.

  1. Catering Business

Have you realized how lazy people are nowadays to prepare meals in their homes? Catering is a wide field that is yet to be fully exploited in Kenya and venturing in this business can prove to be the of the best business opportunity with high returns.
You can organize a platform where people near you can order for meals that you prepare in your home and deliver to their doorsteps. Still you can do commercial catering and provide your services during events and ceremonies.
Commercial catering will require you to have some capital good enough to buy your all the required equipment for commercial purposes. On the other hand home catering is easy and cheap to begin as you can provide the services straight from your house. Catering business will not only user you to doing what you love as a cook but it will open doors to establish one of the best business ideas with high returns.

  1. Digital Advertising Business

The field of digital advertising has grown exponentially and now every business is striving to gain the online milestone. Businesses are willing to pay for online advertising companies now more than ever as long as their businesses can gain visibility on the internet. This has opened doors for online business opportunities such as Social media manager, media influencers and so on. Establishing and starting your own digital advertising agency can as well help you scale up the online marketing landscape and help online businesses gain visibility on the web.
Starting an online advertising agency requires that you understand how the business is done. This can easily be done by doing some research on the same.
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  1. Blogging

Blogging is one sure way of sharing your passion and ideas while at the same time you earn from it. While this type of a business while not pay off immediately, it will definitely pay off over time. Blogging requires patience and consistency before you can see a coin coming in.
To get started with blogging you will need to have your own blog where you can share information with the world. As your blog grows and you gain more web visitors you will be able to monetize your platform through display advertisement opportunities like Google AdSense. AdSense publishers who are already earning from the program can increase their revenue scoop by joining other well-paying google certified publishing networks such as Ezoic.
Other forms of advertising opportunities that bloggers can take advantage of include; affiliate marketing, direct advertising and Native advertising.

Conclusion Business Ideas with High Returns in Kenya that Anyone can Try

The onset of Covid-19 was a wake-up call for many to realize their potential and tap into various business opportunities available. While it may not be easy in the first place to go out of your way and start your own business, getting a business idea that will give you high returns in Kenya will give you the satisfaction you desire and the financial freedom you have been looking for.

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