Best Cleaning Service Providers in Thika

Cleaning service provides in Thika are very many, because most young and old people ventured into these businesses to maintain hygiene and conserve the human environment. As a result, most of them unionized to form the best Cleaning service provides in Thika and to be able to provide needed equipment in their field of work. Most cleaners in Thika offer on job training courses to ensure that all workers and newly recruited persons provide quality services to the clients. And in this way, they demand high wedges.
The accumulated money and savings will afford them modern and more advanced machines to use in this field. Modern cleaning machines eliminate the usage of chemicals which were hazardous to the environment and human beings. It is also important to hire various providers to assist you in; cleaning your house, environment, clothes, seats, tables, beds, mattress, and walls among other home tools. In this article, we shall be looking at the best cleaning services providers in Thika which are known to offer quality services at affordable prices and are also trusted by many. Cleaners are known to offer a wide range of services to their clients, some of them include; apartment cleaning, after construction cleaning, machine cleaning, after event cleaning services, office cleaning, school cleaning, hospital cleaning, and cleaning various banks and institutions.

List of Best Cleaning Service Providers in Thika

Cleaning companies made work easier, even if you have a buzzy schedule, you can get your belongings cleaned properly and without leaving no stains or spots. The following is a list of the best cleaning service providers in Thika.

Best Cleaning Service Providers in Thika

  1. AA Shalom Cleaning Services Ltd
  2. Chania Cleaners
  3. Cleantech Services
  4. Alvin’s Thika Carwash
  5. Karimenu Waters and Sanitation Company
  6. Greenergy Pro-tech Ltd

Below are more details on these cleaning service providers

  1. AA Shalom Cleaning Services Ltd

AA Shalom Cleaning services Ltd is leading on the list of best cleaners in Thika located along Mangu road. The service providers value excellent services by going beyond the expectations of the customers. With a friendly and efficient team, they aim to offer good cleaning solutions to the clients.
Phone number: 0722830827

  1. Chania Cleaners

Chania cleaners are determined to offer great services using modern equipment and skills. They are operating from 8 am to 5 pm on Monday to Friday. The cleaning providers are located at Arc, Township Kenyatta highway.

  1. Cleantech Services

Cleantech services started their operation in the year 2007 and since then, they have been providing quality cleaning services to their clients. They are focused on offering cleaning solutions to people, some of their services include; general house cleaning, apartment cleaning, vehicle cleaning, and sofa set cleaning.
Phone number: 0700072014

  1. Alvin’s Thika Carwash

Alvin’s Thika Carwash is also on the list of best cleaning service providers in Thika. The business not only focuses on vehicle cleaning but also provides more activities in carpet cleaning, buffing, upholstery, vacuum, detail wash, and engine degreasing.
Phone number: 0729501621

  1. Karimenu Waters and Sanitation Company

Karimenu water and Sanitation Company is located along Gatundu road. They offer a wide range of cleaning services to people and ensure that the community drinks clean water.

  1. Greenergy Pro-tech Ltd

Greenergy Pro-tech Ltd specialized in offering clean water and clean energy. Their operations revolve around water treatment, purification, water pumping, and solar water heating. The company ensures that wastewater is treated. Greenergy also assists in keeping the swimming pool clean and maintained.
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