Definition of “Acclimatize”

Acclimatize (verb):

  1. To become accustomed to a new climate, environment, or situation, typically by gradual exposure or adjustment.

Example Sentences

  1. “It took a few days for him to acclimatize to the high altitude.”
  2. “The team needed time to acclimatize to the hot and humid conditions.”
  3. “New employees undergo training to acclimatize them to the company’s culture.”
  4. “After moving to a new city, she had to acclimatize to the different pace of life.”
  5. “He struggled initially, but eventually acclimatized to the rigorous demands of the job.”

Related Words

  1. Adapt
  2. Adjust
  3. Accustom
  4. Familiarize
  5. Assimilate
  6. Get used to
  7. Condition
  8. Acculturate
  9. Settle in
  10. Orientation

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