Definition of “Accident-Prone”

Accident-Prone (adjective): Having a greater than average number of accidents or mishaps; more likely to have accidents than others.

Example Sentences

  1. “He is so accident-prone that he often trips over his own feet.”
  2. “Being accident-prone, she always manages to spill her coffee.”
  3. “They hired extra safety staff for the accident-prone work site.”
  4. “As an accident-prone driver, he frequently files insurance claims.”
  5. “The accident-prone toddler seemed to always have a new bruise or scrape.”

Related Words

  1. Clumsy
  2. Careless
  3. Unlucky
  4. Hapless
  5. Prone to mishaps
  6. Gaffe-prone
  7. Inattentive
  8. Blundering
  9. Imprudent
  10. Awkward

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