Definition of “Accessory”

Accessory (noun):

  1. A thing that can be added to something else to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive.
  2. Someone who helps another person commit a crime, either before or after the crime.

Accessory (adjective):

  1. Contributing to or aiding an activity or process, especially in a minor way.

Example Sentences

  1. Noun: “She wore a beautiful necklace as an accessory to her dress.”
  2. Noun: “The car comes with several optional accessories, including a sunroof and heated seats.”
  3. Noun: “He was charged as an accessory to the robbery.”
  4. Noun: “A smartphone accessory, like a case or screen protector, can help protect your device.”
  5. Adjective: “He played an accessory role in the company’s latest project.”
  6. Noun: “The store sells a variety of fashion accessories, from hats to belts.”
  7. Noun: “She was considered an accessory after the fact because she helped hide the evidence.”
  8. Noun: “The kitchen gadget is a useful accessory for any home cook.”
  9. Noun: “The detective looked for any accessories that might have been used in the crime.”
  10. Adjective: “The accessory items in the toolkit were essential for completing the repairs.”

Related Words

  1. Adornments
  2. Attachments
  3. Supplements
  4. Add-ons
  5. Enhancements
  6. Ornaments
  7. Complements
  8. Garnishes
  9. Aids
  10. Auxiliaries

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