Definition of “Access”

Access (noun):

  1. The means or opportunity to approach or enter a place.
  2. The right or opportunity to use or benefit from something.
  3. The ability to retrieve, use, or manipulate data or information.

Access (verb):

  1. To approach or enter a place.
  2. To obtain, retrieve, or make use of something.

Example Sentences

  1. Noun: “The only access to the building was through the main entrance.”
  2. Noun: “Students have access to online resources through the university library.”
  3. Noun: “He gained access to classified information.”
  4. Noun: “Access to healthcare is a fundamental right.”
  5. Verb: “You can access your email from any device.”
  6. Verb: “She needs a password to access the computer system.”
  7. Verb: “The technician accessed the server remotely to fix the issue.”
  8. Verb: “They accessed the database to retrieve the data.”
  9. Noun: “The new ramp provides wheelchair access to the building.”
  10. Noun: “The key card grants access to the secure area.”

Related Words

  1. Entry
  2. Admission
  3. Ingress
  4. Entrance
  5. Availability
  6. Permission
  7. Gateway
  8. Approach
  9. Admittance
  10. Connection

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