The dictionary definition of “acceptance” is a noun that refers to the act of agreeing to receive something or the state of being received willingly. It can also denote approval or acknowledgment of a situation, statement, or action.

Use cases:

  1. Receiving or agreeing to something:
    • Acceptance of an offer, proposal, or invitation.
    • Example: The acceptance of the job offer was a relief after months of searching.
  2. Approval or acknowledgment:
    • Acceptance of responsibility, a decision, or a condition.
    • Example: His acceptance of the apology helped mend their relationship.
  3. State of being received positively:
    • Recognition and validation of one’s identity or status.
    • Example: The community showed their acceptance of diversity by celebrating cultural festivals.

Examples in sentences:

  1. The letter of acceptance confirmed her admission to the university.
  2. The artist’s work gained widespread acceptance in the art community.
  3. John’s acceptance speech was heartfelt and grateful for the award.

Related words:

  • Approval
  • Consent
  • Acknowledgment
  • Recognition
  • Embrace

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