The dictionary meaning of “accept” is a verb that typically means to agree to receive or to consider something favorably.

Use cases:

  1. Receiving or agreeing to something:
    • Accepting a gift, proposal, or offer.
    • Example: She accepted the job offer from the company.
  2. Approval or agreement:
    • Accepting a statement as true or valid.
    • Example: The committee accepted the report without further revisions.
  3. Enduring or tolerating:
    • Accepting difficult situations or circumstances.
    • Example: He had to accept the consequences of his actions.

Examples in sentences:

  1. Sarah accepted the award for best actress at the ceremony.
  2. I can’t accept your apology until I see real change in your behavior.
  3. The school accepts applications for new students starting in September.

Related words:

  • Receive
  • Agree
  • Embrace
  • Acknowledge
  • Consent

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