Definition of “Academic”

Academic (adjective):

  1. Relating to education and scholarship; scholarly.
  2. Not of practical relevance; theoretical.

Academic (noun):

  1. A member of an educational institution or community.
  2. A person who is scholarly or knowledgeable in academic subjects.

Use Cases of “Academic”

  1. Adjective – Relating to Education and Scholarship:
    • “She pursued an academic career in literature, publishing several scholarly articles.”
    • “The conference focused on academic research in the field of neuroscience.”
  2. Adjective – Theoretical, Not Practical:
    • “His ideas were too academic and lacked real-world application.”
    • “The debate centered around the academic discussion of ethics in artificial intelligence.”
  3. Noun – Member of an Educational Institution:
    • “The academics at the university often collaborate on research projects.”
    • “As an academic, he enjoyed the freedom to explore various intellectual pursuits.”
  4. Noun – Scholarly Person:
    • “He is recognized as a leading academic in the field of economics.”
    • “Academics from around the world attended the symposium to present their research.”

Related Words

  1. Scholarly: Involving or relating to serious academic study.
  2. Educational: Relating to the process of education or teaching.
  3. Researcher: A person who conducts research, especially in academic or scientific fields.
  4. Intellectual: Relating to or involving the intellect.
  5. Theoretical: Concerned with or involving the theory rather than practical application.
  6. Educator: A person who provides instruction or education; a teacher.

Understanding “academic” in its various forms helps in describing both the scholarly nature of education and research, as well as the individuals and communities involved in these pursuits.

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