Definition of “Abysmal”

Abysmal (adjective) – extremely bad; appalling; very deep or great.

Use Cases of “Abysmal”

  1. Quality or Performance: Describing something that is exceptionally poor or of very low quality.
  2. Conditions or Situations: Referring to circumstances that are extremely unfavorable or depressing.
  3. Depth: Literally referring to something that is very deep or profound.

Examples in Sentences

  1. Quality or Performance:
    • “The movie received abysmal reviews from critics.”
    • “His test scores were abysmal, reflecting his lack of preparation.”
  2. Conditions or Situations:
    • “The country’s economy experienced abysmal growth during the recession.”
    • “They were living in abysmal poverty, struggling to afford even basic necessities.”
  3. Depth:
    • “The ocean’s abysmal depths remain largely unexplored.”
    • “She stared into the abysmal darkness of the cave, hesitant to venture further.”

Related Words

  1. Appalling: Shockingly bad or unpleasant.
    • “The conditions in the refugee camps were appalling.”
  2. Dreadful: Extremely bad or serious.
    • “The weather was dreadful, with heavy rain and strong winds.”
  3. Terrible: Extremely bad or serious; dreadful.
    • “The service at the restaurant was terrible; we waited over an hour for our food.”
  4. Horrendous: Extremely unpleasant, horrifying, or terrible.
    • “The accident caused horrendous damage to the vehicle.”
  5. Profound: Very great or intense; having or showing great knowledge or insight.
    • “The loss had a profound impact on her.”
  6. Deep: Extending far down from the top or surface.
    • “The lake is very deep, with depths reaching over 300 feet.”

Understanding “abysmal” and its usage helps in conveying strong negative assessments of quality, performance, or conditions, highlighting situations that are exceptionally poor or unfavorable.

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