Abstain (verb) – to choose not to do or have something; to refrain deliberately and often with an effort of self-denial from an action or practice.

Use Cases of “Abstain”

  1. Personal Choice: Deciding not to engage in a particular behavior or activity.
  2. Voting: Choosing not to cast a vote in an election or decision-making process.
  3. Health and Diet: Refraining from consuming certain foods or substances for health reasons.

Example in Sentences

  1. Personal Choice:
    • “She decided to abstain from drinking alcohol during the work week to stay focused.”
    • “John has chosen to abstain from smoking for the sake of his health.”
  2. Voting:
    • “Several members of the council decided to abstain from voting on the controversial issue.”
    • “When the vote was called, three members abstained, and the motion passed by a narrow margin.”
  3. Health and Diet:
    • “After being diagnosed with diabetes, he had to abstain from sugary foods.”
    • “Vegetarians abstain from eating meat for ethical reasons.”

Related Words

  1. Refrain: To stop oneself from doing something.
    • “She refrained from commenting on the heated discussion.”
  2. Forego: To do without or to give up.
    • “He decided to forego dessert to maintain his diet.”
  3. Eschew: To avoid something intentionally.
    • “They eschew violence and prefer peaceful resolutions.”
  4. Renounce: To formally declare one’s abandonment of a claim, right, or possession.
    • “He renounced his claim to the throne.”
  5. Withhold: To hold back; to keep from action.
    • “The company decided to withhold the information until the investigation was complete.”
  6. Decline: To refuse politely.
    • “She declined the invitation to the party.”

By understanding the definition and various contexts in which “abstain” can be used, along with related words, one can effectively communicate the idea of refraining from certain actions or decisions.

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