Meaning of absolute: The dictionary definition of “absolute” has several meanings, depending on the context:

  1. Adjective – Complete and total:

    • Used to emphasize something that is unrestricted, unconditional, or not dependent on anything else.
    • Example: She has absolute authority over the project.
  2. Adjective – Unquestionable or certain:

    • Refers to something that is considered definitive or undeniable.
    • Example: The evidence provided absolute proof of his innocence.
  3. Adjective – Not limited by restrictions or exceptions:

    • Indicates something that is perfect or ideal.
    • Example: He has an absolute commitment to justice.
  4. Noun – Philosophy:
    • Refers to something that exists independently of other things, such as an absolute truth or principle.

Use cases:

  1. Legal context: Referring to rights or powers that are not limited or conditional.
    • Example: The constitution grants citizens absolute freedom of speech.
  2. Scientific context: Describing measurements or values that are precise and not relative.
    • Example: The experiment produced an absolute measurement of temperature.
  3. Philosophical or ethical context: Discussing principles or truths considered universally valid and unchanging.
    • Example: She believed in the absolute importance of honesty.

Examples In Sentence:

  1. She has absolute control over the company’s finances.
  2. His commitment to environmental conservation is absolute.
  3. The painting was sold for an absolute fortune at the auction.

Related words:

  • Total
  • Complete
  • Unconditional
  • Unrestricted

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