Meaning of absently: The dictionary definition of “absently” is an adverb that describes doing something in a distracted or preoccupied manner, often without full attention or awareness.

Use cases:

Behavioral description: Referring to actions performed without conscious attention or focus.

Example: She nodded absently while reading a book.

Interaction: Describing how someone responds or behaves when their mind is elsewhere.

Example: He spoke absently, not realizing he had repeated himself.

Examples In Sentence:

  1. She stirred her coffee absently, lost in thought about her upcoming presentation.
  2. He walked absently down the street, barely noticing the people around him.
  3. The student answered the question absently, not fully understanding what was being asked.

Related words:

  • Distraction
  • Inattentively
  • Distractedly
  • Preoccupied

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